Doctor Who


The First Question: An Exploration of Doctor Who

The First Question in an online survey focus on Doctor Who. Although scholars have argued the new series revived and produced by Russell T. Davies (2005-10) was highly critical of the United States, this project is focus on understanding Doctor Who’s global audience through their own memories. Building on scholarship that has discussed Doctor Who’s link to 9/11 geopolitics and the consequences of the war on terror, this project explores questions of identity, culture, and power linked to Doctor Who.

The survey is available at

Re-Building the Empire: Doctor Who, Regeneration, and Identity in the Atlantic World

This is a teaching project developed as part of a larger discussion of Doctor Who linked to a presentation at The Changing Faces of Doctor Who: Regeneration, Power, and Culture panel at the Alien Nation: A Conference of British Telefantasy in Northumbria University, UK.