Five greatest achievements of 20th -21st century science?

1.    Photoelectric effect, special and general relativity

2.    Red Shift – an expanding universe

3.    Cyclotron – Large hadron collider in CERN

4.    Genetic code – DNA/RNA­–Human Genome Project

5.    Space ­– Apollo moon landing – MarŐs rover – Hubble telescope


People associated with

1 Einstein & Bohr

2 Hubble

3 Lawrence & Fermi

4 Watson & Crick


19th century


Natural Selection

Electromagnetic Spectrum --X-rays – radio --radiation

Periodic table of atomic element

Electron detected



binomial classification of plants & animals       (Linnaeus)

geological time-scale

transit of Venus (Captain Cook)

Uranus observed (Herschel & Herschel)

Optics (Newton)



Telescope     (Ganileo, Newton & Hooke)

Microscope   (Hooke and Van Leywenhoek)

Calculus (Newton & Leibniz)

Gravitational attraction ( Newton

Planetary motion (KeplerŐs three laws)



Analytical geometry ( Oresme before Descartes )

Circumnavigation 1521-23 (Magellan & de Cano)

Heliocentric universe (Copernicus)

Latitude and longitude

Pocket watch in Germany



perspective (Alberti & Brunelleschi) principles of in art

Chinese (Ming) accurately calculated solar year = 365.25 days

Printing press: (Books & Bibles) printing with movable type

Compass & Algebra (from China and Turkestan)

Hindu & Arabic numerals applied to EuclidŐs geometry & trigonometry (Puerbach)