means to clearly & completely define new terms; then link them to what you already know.

To do this you should actively read and listen to what others are saying.

1. Active reading leads to effective learning...

write down unfamiliar phrases, words and terms.

look up words an note the different contexts of their meaning.

make comparisons between ideas in your readings and view expressed in the class discussions.

frequently summarize the free writing you do in class.

this means that you must take careful notes on what you read, and weekly you must review those notes and summarize their meaning.

2. Listening is the first step to good note taking and that leads to better writing.

write down what other people are saying and connect what you and they think after class with phrases or terms conveying both your meaning and their meaning.

ask people politely to summarize the importance of what they have just said.

3. Be sure to distinguish important terms in the course and give examples.

    Foundation concepts, keystone ideas and core examples are important for your to identify and distinguish.

      • foundation concepts, these are the basic terms that inform the lessons.
      • keystone ideas, are the terms that tie basic ideas in the course together.
      • core examples, are the cases, stories and central thoughts that shape the themes in any class.