“Encounters along the World’s Coasts and Beneath the Seas.”


Three Books in one



“It has been said --tongue in cheek—that animals were invented by water as a device for transporting itself from one place to another. That’s an interesting perspective…We are in a sense, soft vessels of sea water. Seventy percent of our bodies is water…We are wrapped around an ocean within.”


“We need the seas more than they need us.”

“What values then do we really have? What values then do we really need?”


“Many still view the ocean as the blank space between continents. We need now a ‘sea ethic.”


“fishes help connect the world because the waters they swim in wash all shores.”


“For each of us then the challenge and opportunity is to cherish all life as the gift it is, envision it whole, seek to know it truly, and undertake –with our minds, hearts and hands—to restore its abundance.”


“…the great, life-making sea –that singular, wondrous ocean covering the blue planet.”



“…but often I wonder if the most uniquely human trait is our ability to deceive ourselves.”


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Untitled Preface                                “ancient before the creation itself, the eternal sea.”   


“Thirty miles at sea, adrift…the world seemed freshly created and miraculous, laden with possibility.”


“but as a wild animal, perfect master of its element, no less spectacular than a grizzly bear or an eagle….’In a world older and more complete than ours’ Henry Beston wrote… ‘they move finished and complete.”



Three Books in one






“I thought that my father and I, with our secret fishing spot, were very, very lucky.”


“When one grows up with a sense of place, the world seems secure and filled with promise.”


“From my own vantage point…it seemed that a last buffalo hunt was occurring on the rolling blue prairies of the oceans.”


“Overfishing was draining the ocean’s vitality, compounding the bulldozers’ work in the coastal wetland nurseries.”