Global Warming

on the Internet

A user's guide to climate change sites on line.


by Joseph Siry

Great Britain's Climate Research Office: Royal Meteorological Office
Climate Change from a Canadian view
IGC: Atmosphere & Climate: Internet-Resources Climate Change

Excellent discussions of science and public policy matters see Realclimate.orgGlobal Warming Central a project of the Pace University
Energy efficiency clearinghouse
Actions being taken by - States in the USA

EPA Global Warming SiteNASA's Global Change Master DirectoryThe Science: Greenhouse gas Molecules
New Greenhouse Gas Identified, Potent and RareIPCC Intergiovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Working Group I: The Science of Climate Change

Do You want to do something?

Pew Center on Global Climate Change LEGISLATIVE WATCH: the NRDC Bulletin on environmental legislation in CongressUSA examples of places that have acted effectively: Case Studies

Florida Solar Energy Center:

Photovoltaics Main Page - FSEC

Welcome to Miami-Dade County - On-Line!

Climate Change - Williams College

Local Government Implementation of Climate Protection: Cities for Climate Change
 Additional Reading

Global Climate Change: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


Campaign - Politics

NET hot earth newsNRDC - Global Warming

The Next Generation: California Global Warming News

CA Global Warming Homepage

Pew Center on Global Climate Change:
REPP - Renewable Energy Policy Project

Environmental Defense Fund - EDF Global Warming: Project?


Hansen's 2006 Warnings

Direct CO2 impacts

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Joseph V. Siry, 31 January, 2007