Denver and teh Front Range

Denver, Colorado on a winter's day.

At one mile above sea level in an arid region, Denver, the twentieth largest metropolitan area in the country, boasts that it has the nation's most highly educated population.

Metropolitan sprawl uses up more than space; both water and electricity are needed for urban life.

Because water and energy are needed to inhabit modern urban areas, David Pimentel has argued that it takes ten calories of energy, or the equivalent of oil to bring one calorie of food to the modern urbanite's table.

Denver's households are 47% occupied by people or families who rent & the median age was just over 33 years old. One in three people are between 25 and 35 years old there.

Denver City: Population in 2012: 634,265 (100% urban). Population since 2000: +14.4% >

Denver County is a consolidated city/county; so the population in 2012: 634,265 was the same as the city which in 2000 was 554,636 persons.

County owner-occupied with a mortgage or a loan houses and condos in 2010: 103,999
County owner-occupied free & clear houses and condos in 2010: 27,530
County owner-occupied houses & condos in 2000: 125,631
Renter-occupied apartments: 131,578 (it was 113,604 in 2000)

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By Comparison

Nearly four in every five people in the nation live in urban settings and a plurality live in suburban areas that are dependent upon the urban core.

Notice the grid pattern above that reveals the agricultural use of this land (as depicted below) before the 1950s.


More on impact and ghost acres.

Matter of sprawl

The list of most sprawling metropolitan areas.

Top twenty US cities.

Densely populated places in Earth
Place Areal extent: Population density
      km2 sq. miles

2188 km2 or
844.8 sq miles

13,189,000 6,029  

1583 km2 or
611 sq miles

8,170,000 4,542 12,331
Manila 38.55 km2 or
14.88 sq miles
1,652,171 42,858 111,000
Mumbai 1.7 – 2.2 km2 or
175 – 220 hectares
500,000 300,000 777,000
Kibera, Nairobi 2.3-2.5 km2 or
0.8 - 1 sq miles
170,070 - 260,000 74,000 - 114,000 192,000 - 295,000

2.07 km2 or
0.80 sq miles

210,504 101,693 263,380
Kowloon 1.1 km2 or
0.4 sq miles
143,000 130,000  
Manhattan 59.5 km2 or
22.96 sq miles
1,619,090 26,939 69,771
Denver 153 sq miles 634,265   4,043
Places Size of the area  population people per square kilometer people per square mile

After decades of sprawl, density may be ahead for Denver: Atlantic Magazine, MAR 26, 2013

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There are a wide range of density figures for cities such as Denver [4,000 to 16,000], for example Phoenix ranges from an average of over 3,000 to nearly 9,000 people per square mile depending on the region. see - Zip-Code Atlas compared to Business Journal article.

Joseph Siry, 1996, 2014.

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