Forces at work in the Microcosm


The weak force accounts for the emission of radiation from the decay or splitting of massive atoms.

    1. the blue ball moving from the left side represents a neutron
    2. when the neutron is absorbed by massive atomic nuclei, such as uranium
    3. the mass becomes unstable
    4. the unstable nuclei split
    5. Lise Mietner and her nephew upon hearing of the Hahn and Strassman experiment
    6. explained the outcome where uranium atoms fractured and produced barium and
    7. referred to the process of one splitting into two as fission after the bacteria that fission or split in two when reproducing.

    Explanation in a still frame.

    Explanation of the process by which Uranium [U-235] absorbs a neutron to form U-236 before it fractures into Barium, Krypton, and fission fragments of more neutrons.

    The Weak force enables unstable atoms to decay.

    If the neutrons emitted in the fracture have sufficient mass and energy they may go on to trigger further fission of another Uranium atom thus setting up a chain reaction. This is what occurred in the atomic bombs and can at a regulated and modulated level boil water in a nuclear reactor, used to generate electricity.

    Cyclotron at the Lawrence Laboratory in U. C. Berkeley, is a fission reactor.

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