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Solutions to climate disrupting energy

Adaptation and mitigation are two strategies for coping with abrupt climate change. Often the interests of fossil fuel industrial advocates argue that there is not a source for "base-load" electricity unless we use coal. The status of geothermal energy has often been overlooked until MIT made a study nearly seven years ago. The heat from the interior of the earth is a virtually inexhaustible and is very widespread.

Volume 340 number 6135 ,pp. 933-934 
DOI: 10.1126/science.1235640

"More Power from Below"

  1. Stuart F. Simmons
Geyser in Sonoma County, California



"Geothermal heat provides sustainable energy for electricity generation and heating applications. Worldwide use of geothermal energy has increased steadily over the past few decades (12), and exploration and development are ongoing at unprecedented levels in Iceland, New Zealand, East Africa, Germany, Chile, and Australia. Today, 24 countries generate electricity from geothermal energy and 78 countries use geothermal energy for direct uses. Yet, geothermal sources still represent less than one percent of global energy production. The accessibility of geothermal resources depends on temperature and depth (see the figure). What are the limitations of geothermal energy extraction, and can the use of this resource be increased?"

Erath section



Joseph N. Moore, Stuart F. Simmons, MORE POWER FROM BELOW, Science 24 May 2013: Volume 340 no. 6135 pp. 933-934. DOI:10.1126/science.1235640

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