Recent Graduate students Whose research I Sponsored:

Williams, Jean                    Amazonian Exploration: From Discovery to Biodiversity, 1994

Anson, Linda                       Estrogenic Health Risks: Endangered Species and the Human Connection, 1996

Fakess, Colleen                  Foresight, Hindsight, and Insight: The Contribution of the World Wide Web to Information Overload, 2003.        

DeArmas, Maria                 “Forever Wild:” Images of the Adirondacks as Depicted by Emerson, Homer, and Stoddard, 2004.

Moore, Ann                          Citizen Education: A Layperson’s Guide to Permitting at the St. John’s River Water Management District, 2004.

Muraski, Beverly                 A Quantum Theory of God, 2004.

Clark, Jill                              Henry David Thoreau: The Darwinian Naturalist, 2005.

Tate, Dixie                            By the Sea: A Study of Place and Spirit in the Development of an Ocean Ethic, 2005.        

Burke, John                          The Atomic Bomb: A Search for Meaning in the Works of Scientists, Survivors & the Muted Response of Western Art, 2006

Ryan, Stephen T.                 The Paradox of Progress – Fabrication of Necessity, 2008

Watts, Barbara                      Choose Your Children Well: Genetic Testing & Ethical Consequences, 2010

Thoresen  Eileen                  Ecological Literacy: Global Stewardship is Responsibility, 2011.

Faulcon, Elizabeth               Creating Change Through Documentary Film, 2011.

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