books History             

is a means of putting people, events, and things in a chronological order.

When anything occurred with respect to the past.


Period              dates    stages in the making of complicated tools and new technical means



Stone Age       2.4 or 1.5 million to 5000BC   language, music, artistic expression, song

            Paleolithic-Eolithic-Neolithic periods  domestication of plants, fungi and animals


Copper Age     4500BC-2000BC                                  mirrors, shields, weapons, ovens


Bronze Age      2000BC-1000BC                                  plates, cauldrons, bells, wheels

Iron Age           1000BC – 1700AD                               pots, weapons, nails, harnesses 


Axial Age         600 BC                        emergence of great religions in India, Persia, Palestine, & China


Mechanization            1200s-1780s                             pipe organs, windmills, clocks & ships


Industrialization           1680s-1900s                             pig iron, coal, steam engine & railways


Automation                 1830s-now                                telegraph, telephone, aircraft, computers


Contemporary Age       2001-2012                             genetic recombination, radiation, solar energy, wireless.




According to Pacey, what significant inventions are left out of this listing based on metal Ňages"?