Estados Unidos de Mexico



Region  Central America  Out 192 nations, 12 alone harbor between 60 and 70% of the total biodiversity of the planet and thus earn the privilege to be called megadiverse. Mexico is one of them.
Area (sq km)  1,972,550
Area (sq mile)  761,602
Bordered by:  Belize, Guatemala, United States       
Population  119,711,789 78% urban population
Ethnic divisions     
  Mestizo  60%
Amerindian  30% or predominantly Amerindian
white 9%
other  1% money
Religions  Roman Catholic 76.5%  (2000 census) 
Protestant  6.3% $16,110 GNI per person
other 0.3%
unspecified 13.8%
Languages  Spanish
Mayan various
Nahuatl &  other regional indigenous languages 
Literacy  91%
Government  Federal republic  61 people /km. sq.
Capital  Mexico City (Federal District) 
Currency  Mexican peso (MXN)  13.49 to the US $ 0.0741

Octavio Paz