Codes for building your own web page.
    Codes for Tables come in many varieties.
  1. Initial option:
    A Triptych
    Meaning "And the word was with God" Shiva's dance Blackhole!
  2. Second option:
  1. A Table for notes
    Itemized listing of something: relative importance explanation pages in the texts
    Your commentary on this chapter Importance Similarity? Mentioned frequently?
    A). # - Yes or No # of times:
    B). # - Yes or No # of times:
    C). # - Yes or No # of times:
    D). # - Yes or No # of times:
    E). # - Yes or No # of times:

  1. Insert some text.
    Add preformatted text in place of this.
    	Keeps the indentations
    		that you may desire!
    			1. cut from there and
    			2. paste to here.

  2. Images have this code:

  3. Links come in three kinds.
  4. Tips: KISS
    • Keep it simple!
    • If its easier to follow then its better.
    • Speed in loading is great!
    • Short filenames [8 letters of less!] are best.


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