"The Philanthropic Ogre" (1979)

"The modern state is a machine -- a continually self-reproducing machine."

"In the last fifty years we have witnessed not the expected socialization of capitalism but its gradual, irresistable bureaucratization."

"criticism of power and the state was reborn only a short while ago. I am talking especially of France, Germany, & the United States."

The Latin-American state "is heir to the patrimonial regime of Spain ... & ...the lever to get modernization under way."

page, 380.

"First the state created by the Mexican Revolution is stronger than the nineteenth century state."

"The absence of a central moderating power, combined with the nonexistence of democratic traditions, explains why opposing actions quickly took to arms to settle their differences. And so the plague of militarism was born."

"The state is Capital, Work, and Party -- a secular trinity."

The Labyrinth of Solitude, 1950