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                               Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)

                              The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE) is a
                              comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility, and
                              selected federal incentives that promote renewable energy.


Tokyo, Japan exhibits the consequences and challenges of high-density human residential life.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives


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County of Marin, CA, U.S.A.

  Countywide Plan Update (General Plan)

                      Building general plan of sustainability, likely a 4-year process that began in the Summer of 2000.

                      Parties Involved
                      Countywide-all departments. Process managed by Community Development Agency, Advanced Planning Section.


                      Creation of sustainability guiding principles that will be applied to the entire plan.

                      Ann Hancock,

                  Description of County of Marin, CA, U.S.A. (Population 250,000)
                      Marin County, a bedroom community of San Francisco has protected 85% of its land as openspace. The balance is an urban

                      Resulting Plans, Reports, Ordinances, etc.

Currently the County of Marin is updating its general plan. The guiding theme of the plan is sustainability. County Mission Statement                       includes the goal of providing

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Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

                  Energy Ordinance -

                      Parties Involved
                      Citizen Advisory Group - Chapel Hill Energy Task Force staffed by Department of Public Works.

                      New Chapel Hill Fire Station is currently being built using new ordinance.

                      Bill Terry, Chapel Hill Public Works Department.

City of Tucson, Arizona, USA

                     1% for Solar Program

                      Installation of photovoltaic and solar water heating systems on City facilities.

                      Parties Involved

The Department of Operations is overseeing the program, which will eventually result in the installation of solar energy devices in City facilities housing all major departments, the largest electric using departments, Operations, Transportation, and Tucson Water have significant interest and input in the program.

                      Investments will amount to approximately $160,000 annually in solar energy systems.


The local utility Tucson Electric Power Company implemented three consecutive rate reductions, 1.1% July, 1998, 1% on July 1,1999, and 1% on July 1, 2000. Mayor and Council adopted by resolution a program, which uses the July 2000 rate reduction of 1% to fund the onstallation of solar energy devices on City facilities. The program began July 1, 2000 and will last for five years. The purpose of adopting the program is to develop expertise in integrating photovoltaics and solar water heating systems into the fabric of buildings, which can help to lower system costs and increase performance.

                      Vinnie Hunt, Energy Manager

                      Resulting Plans, Reports, Ordinances, etc.
                      Tucson Update 2001


Hillsborough County, Florida

                      The Tampa/Hillsborough Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project

                      The City and County established an Advisory Committee to make recommendations for achieving long-term sustainability. The
                      Committee hopes to achieve consensus on a variety of issues affecting quality of life, and represents business, education,
                      environmental, civic, and neighborhood interests. The City and County also formed a Technical Network to link agencies and
                      departments, improving information flow. Representatives from all agencies involved in planning issues are involved. Areas of
                      focus are urban design, economic development, housing, environment, transportation, and intergovernmental coordination.

                  Parties Involved
                      The Governor's Commission for a Sustainable South Florida created a model. The Florida Legislature estabvlished a five-year
                      demonstration project. The City of Tampa and Hillsborough County were selected.The Florida Department of Community Affairs
                      negotiated an agreement with the City and County to launch the project.

                      Explore new approaches to community planning through city and county collaboration.

                      Neale Stralow, ASLA, Executive Planner phone: (813) 276-8387

                      Resulting Plans, Reports, Ordinances, etc.
                      Sustainable Communities Demonstration Project

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City of Chicago

Calumet Sustainable Growth Strategy

                      Program elements: Open space reserve, Ecological Management Strategy, Renewable Energy Form, Environmental Center, and
                      Sustainable Development Plan

                 Parties Involved
                      City, State and Federal Environmental and Economic Development agencies, Citizen Groups, Public - Private Advisory Committee,
                      Cultural Institutions etc.


                      Economic and Ecological reviatlization of Chicago's southeast side including rehabilitaiton of wetlands and reuse of brownfield
                      sites for new business expansion.

                      Alexandra Holt / (will refer to various program mangers)

                      Description of City of Chicago (Population approximately 3 million.)
                      Large urban community an urban area of over 7 million people.

                 Resulting Plans, Reports, Ordinances, etc.
                      Energy Efficient Building Code which includes Urban Heat Island reduction strategies, Regional Clean Air Communities Program,
                      Midwest Center for Green Technology, Clean Air Counts, Energy Retrofits and Renewable Energy Development Program, Urban
                      Heat Island Production.

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