Sea Level and climate

"Currently interest in sea level change has been stimulated by concern over potential global warming. The earth's average surface temperature has risen approximately 0.6 C (1 F) in the last century...."

"The is a one percent chance that global warming will raise sea level one meter in the next hundred years and four meters in the next two hundred years."

"...Sea level along much of the United States coast has already risen 2.5 to 3.0 millimeters per year (10 to 12 inches per century)."

Thus, one foot per century is a baseline measure for sea level over time.

"Stabilizing emissions of greenhouse gasses by the year 2025 could cut the rate of sea level rise in half."

Vernberg and Vernberg, The Coastal Zone (Columbia: The University of South Carolina Press, 2001), pp. 128-129.