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"But what if I were to tell you that Google and other search engines can only search a fraction of the web. This number varies from source to source, but the most generous term that I've heard is that Google can search about 10% of the world wide web. So what's in the other 90%?"

Scientific American, April 20, 2014.  "What Is the Deep Web?" | By Eric Escobar

• What's in the Deep Web?

This other 90% of the web goes by many different names: Dark Net, Invisible Web, Dark Web, Deep Web, Deep Net.

Just keep interchanging the words, "internet", "web", "dark", and "deep", and you'll come up with all of the "names" it falls under. For the sake of this episode I'm going to try and explain what these terms mean. Because the very nature of this stuff is widely unkown means that it often lacks official names.

"This other side of the internet is made up of a ton of different things. The broadest part of this side of the web is called Deep Web, Underweb, or Invisible web, this is basically everything that today's search engines can't make sense of. For instance, there's a lot of database information, dynamic content (like temporary webpages) and other obscure data that sites that Google don't deal with."

"Within this obscure jumble of stuff is what's called the Darknet. Now if the internet were like a big outdoor shopping mall, this side of the web would be like a dark back alley."

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Terry Winograd, Ph. D. Stanford faculty.

He taught the graduate students who created Google.

Search engines are software programs that seek out key words to find links to those phrases from other pages on the world wide web or the deep web.

Page rank
relevant pages are ranked

To find pages with words
find most referenced pages by other authoritative pages.

33% of the search market is said to be handled through Google. See – Jessica Lee, June 20, 2013.

Yahoo Search Introducing Yahoo! Search Direct: a powerful new feature that provides direct access to the answers and sites you need with fewer clicks and fewer hassles.

(Jeff Weiner)

Weiner is a consummate web insider who has served in various leadership roles at Yahoo for over seven years beginning in 2001. He was most recently the Executive Vice President [EVP] at Yahoo's Network Division. As EVP of Yahoo, he led a team of over 3,000 employees, managing products reaching over 500 million consumers. While serving Yahoo’s Network Division, he was part of the Search leadership team that directed the acquisition and integration of Inktomi, AltaVista, and FAST as well as the development of Yahoo Search Technology.

He has worked at Warner Bros. as Vice President of Warner Bros. Online, developing its initial business plan. 

indexes the “deep web” or the frequently changing web such as NPR

placement on search engines is money driven (Thus, information is not as free as you think)

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