2648 Brookside Court

Maitland, Florida 32751



Environmental Studies Department                                                                                                                                                                                                Doctorate: University of California

Rollins College, Winter Park 32789                                                                                          Nativity: Miami Beach, Florida




1971                             B.A. with High Honors in History, Emory University

1978                             M.A. in History, University of California at Santa Barbara

1981                             Ph.D. in History, University of California at Santa Barbara    




1972-1973          Lecturer/Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Middle Tennessee State University


1975-1978          Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Biological Sciences and Environmental Studies Departments, U. of California: Santa Barbara 


1976-1978          Lecturer in Environmental History, University of California Extension, Santa Barbara, CA


1978                 History Instructor, Social Science Department, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA


1978-1983          Instructor, History and Social Sciences Department, Solano Community College, Suisun City, CA 


1979-1981          Public Historical Consultant, Local Coastal Plan, Sonoma County Planning Department,

Santa Rosa, CA.


1980-1981          Staff Assistant, State Office of Historic Preservation, Sacramento, CA.


1981-1982          Historical Consultant, Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey, Oakland City Planning Department, CA. 


1981                 Lecturer, Environmental Studies, University of California Extension, Berkeley, CA.


1982-1983          Chapman College, Environmental Science Instructor, (field studies) Solano & Napa Counties, CA.


1984                 Assistant Professor of History, Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA.


1984-1988          Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.


1989-2012          Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL.


1999 - 2002        Florida Climate Alliance (a.k.a.) Alliance for Florida's Future: Director of statewide

global warming campaign for Natural Resources Defense Council, New York, N.Y.


2008-2012          Topic Editor, environmental policy for Encyclopedia of Earth




2003-current       Treasurer: Save the Manatee Club, Maitland. Florida.


2008- current      Executive Board, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Gainesville, FL.


2007-2008          Member of the steering committee, Environmental Studies professional organization: AESS.



2002-2003          River Restoration Project Coordinator, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Gainesville.


1996-2004          Director of Environmental Management, Rollins Brevard Campus, Melbourne, FL


2001-2002          State Director, Natural Resources Defense Council’s Florida Climate Alliance.


2001-2002          Executive Committee member, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Gainesville, FL


1999-2001          State Coordinator, Alliance for Florida’s Future (MacArthur Grant), Winter Park, FL


1995-2000          Vice-president, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Gainesville, FL 


1996-1999          Member of the Board of Directors, Florida Audubon Society, Winter Park, FL 


1985-1995          Member Advisory Board, Florida Defenders of the Environment Gainesville, FL 


1986-1988          Secretary, City of Winter Park Environmental Review Board Winter Park, FL


1986-1991          Editor, "Practicing Essentials," North American Environmental Education                                                        Association's Environmental Studies Section Newsletter.


1987-1988           Associate Editor, Bulletin of Human Ecology


1988-1993          Associate Professor, Environmental Studies, Applied Quantitative Systems, and                                                Master of Liberal Studies Departments, Rollins College.


1991-1993          Publications Review Committee:

                                     North American Association of Environmental Education (NAAEE)


July 1990 -           "Culture, Energy and Ecology around the World"

January 1991                  Tour of 21 countries including: Peru, Australia, India, Africa, and the EU.


June - Aug. 1991    Researcher-in-Residence: Evergreen State College, Department of History

                                     Olympia Washington.


June 2-14, 1992               Non-governmental Organization (NGO) participant in Global Forum,

                                     United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (U.N.C.E.D.)                  

                                    "Earth Summit"; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2-10, 1992.


"What is the Electric Car?" Nemours distribution, 2010

"The Florida Everglades: Shaping A National Treasure" - original documentary, WGCU-TV, 2001




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“The ABCs Of Global Warming,” Workshop Presenter, National Audubon Society, January, 2009, Eatonville, Fl. Media  Assisted Talk For 40 Participants with Q & A session.


 “The Impact of Global Warming on Birds,” Invited dinner speaker, Ocklawaha Valley Audubon Society, April, 2008, Eustid, Fl. Media assisted talk for 40 participants With Q & A session.


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Facilitator of Energy Treaty: negotiation International Non - governmental Organization Forum. United Nations Conference on Conservation and Development. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 2-10, 1992.


Conference Organizer: "Earth day Symposium on Environmental Education," for Florida Department of Education and the East Central Florida Regional Service Project. Rollins College, April 20, 1991.


"Mechanical Metaphors: From Spaceship Earth to the Machinery of Nature" American Society of Environmental History Conference, Houston, March 1, 1991.


"Traces on the Floridian Shore: Technology and the reshaping of the environment," Florida International University, Faculty Lecture Series, Miami, March 4, 1990.


"The Dubious Atom: Public response to nuclear science from the  `Radium Craze' to Chernobyl," Invited paper; Cultural History Conference, New Orleans, March 20-23, 1988.


Principle Sponsor, "CUTHA comes to Florida;" Conference on the role of technology in Liberal Arts Education; [Council for the Understanding of Technology in Human Affairs] January 21-22, 1988.


"The Writing Across the Curriculum requirement at Rollins: a view from the Trenches,” Annual Conference of Writing Program Administrators; Logan, Utah; August 7, 1987.


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"Environmental History in the Science Curriculum," Panel member; North American Association for Environmental Education. Banff-Lake Louise, Canada, October 8, 1984.


"Federal Predator Control," session chairperson & commentator.  American Society of Environmental Historians, American Historical Association.  San Francisco, California, December 29, 1983.


"Preservation of Coastal Wetlands," American Society of Environmental Historians, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, April 10, 1983.


"California State's Commitment to Historic Preservation," California Community College Social Science Association, Sacramento, Ca., March 16, 1981.


Television appearances

Commentator and local expert on global warming, “flash point” Hurricanes and Global Warming, the 2005 season coincidence or cause, November, 2005

Moderator, An interview with Bill Belleville author of St Johns River of Lakes, Orange Television, Fall 2005.

Honors & Awards

Arthur Vining Davis Fellowship,                                                                           2011                        


Most Involved Faculty, Office of Community Engagement, Rollins College                   2009


Orange County Medical Society’s Environmental Committee Earth Day Award              2002


Cypress Award: Sierra Club Florida Chapter’s leadership prize                                                2000


Orange County Medical Society’s Environmental Committee Service Award                 2000


Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation’s Florida Environmental Leader                 2000


Hugh McKean Memorial Grant: “Children of the Rain forest”                                      1999


Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation’s Florida Environmental Leader recognition 1999


Sponsored Lecturer, Florida Endowment for the Humanities,                                       1991-1992


Outstanding Young Educator Award, Winter Park Jaycees and United Telephone,           1985


Community Service

Treasurer of Save the Manatee Club, Maitland, Florida. 2003-2012


Member of the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee on redrafting of the All College bylaws, 2011


Chair of the Finance and Service Committee and Executive Committee member, 2011-12


Fern Creek Elementary School - Rollins Community Engagement Project, Orlando, Florida, 2005-2009


Member of the Board of Trustees of Save the Manatee Club, Maitland, Florida. 2001-2012


Member of the Orange County Medical Society’s Environmental Committee for Earthday, 1999-2002.


Member of the Science and Sanctuary Committee of Florida Audubon Society, 1996-1999.


Member of the Board of Directors, Florida Audubon Society, Winter Park, Florida, 1996-1999.


Member of the Orlando Science Center’s Teacher Advisory Committee, 1990-1995.


Member of the Board of Trustees, Florida Defenders of the Environment, Gainesville, Florida; 1988-2007.


Member of the Board of Trustees, North American Association for Environmental Education, Troy, Ohio; 1989-1992.


Newsletter Editor, Environmental Studies Section of the North American Association for Environmental Education, 1987-1992.


Curriculum Offerings

            Politics of climate change of climate change: understanding knowledge of radiation & genetics.


            Master of Liberal Studies: Charles Darwin: Natural history, evolutionary theory & topography.


            Master of Liberal Studies: History of Science: ancient order, medieval to modern worldviews.               

            History of Technology: ancient inventions, medieval mechanization, and modern automation. 


            History of Conservation: urbanization, wildlife, water, forests, fisheries, and ecology in context.


            Wilderness in the American Mind: (field study) National cultural & ecological history


            Environmental Advocacy: post-modern ecological problems in protecting resources.


            Caribbean Environmental History: Colonialism, Slavery, & ethnicity in Mexico & the West Indies


            American Environmental History: US population growth in the context of land, water, & resources.


            Islands in the Stream: energy, population, and resources zone management in coastal conservation.


Academic Service

Member of the all-College Administrative/Faculty Council, 2011-2012


Member of the College Faculty's Executive Committee, 2011-2012


            Chair of the College Faculty's Finance & Services Committee, 2011-2012


            Member of the Ad Hoc Faculty Advisory Committee for bylaw revisions, 2011


            Member of the Sexual Assault Prevention Task Force, (Dean Hater) 2009-2010


            Member of the Finance and Services Committee, 2003-2005


Member of the College Faculty's Executive Committee, 2001-2002


            Chair of the College Faculty's Finance & Budget Committee, 2001-2002


            Member & Secretary of the College Faculty's Finance & Budget Committee, 2000-2001


            Member of the Writing Center (TPJ) Faculty Advisory Committee, 1998-99


            Member of two Service Learning Committees (International & domestic) 1995-1999


            Member (and Secretary) of the College Academic Affairs Committee, 1993-1995


            Member of the College Faculty's Executive Committee, 1991-1993


            Chair, Student Life Committee, 1991-1993


            External member, Foreign Languages Evaluation Committee, 1988-1990


            Chair, Writing Across the Curriculum Committee, 1985-1988


            Member of the Prelaw Advisory Committee, 1985-1992 -- Chair, Prelaw Committee, 1988-1990


Chair, International Special Program Committee, 1987-1988


            Core Faculty, Master of Liberal Studies Program, Hamilton Holt School, 1987-2012

            & Faculty Representative, Master of Liberal Studies Committee, 1987-88


Faculty Representative, "N-Task force," Natural Sciences requirement review & recommendation Committee proposed an increase in the natural sciences courses for the College's General Education requirements. 1986-87

Masters of Liberal Studies: M.A. thesis Advising, Supervision, and Sponsorship.



Thesis Title


Rodriguez, Anabel

“Land as Woman Symbolization in the Western World”


Simmons, Patricia

“The Tragedy of Human Relations in King Lear”


Poole, Leslie Kemp

Florida: Paradise Redefined


Cardwell, Cathy

Racial Justice: Orange County 1920-1970


Hall, James

The Walled Garden: A Novella


Paget, Marilyn

Feminism in the Workplace


Carlson, Carol Ann

Fire from the Gods: The Human Genome Project


Williams, Jean

Amazonian Exploration: From Discovery to Biodiversity


Ferguson, Robert

Henry Ford, from Inventor to Manager


Anson, Linda

Estrogenic Health Risks: Endangered Species and the Human Connection


Jones II, Warren

The Story of Science and Religion


Gaston III, John

Distance Learning in MLS Programs


Burt, Cynthia Jo

Continuation of Cloning Research: Background, Purpose, Methods and Recommendations


Donley, Johnnie

Exploring the Human-Canine Bond


Fakess, Colleen

Foresight, Hindsight, and Insight: The Contribution of the World Wide Web to Information Overload


DeArmas, Maria

“Forever Wild:” Images of the Adirondacks as Depicted by Emerson, Homer, and Stoddard


Moore, Ann

Citizen Education: A Layperson’s Guide to Permitting at the St. John’s River Water Management District


Muraski, Beverly

A Quantum Theory of God


Clark, Jill

Henry David Thoreau: The Darwinian Naturalist


Tate, Dixie

By the Sea: A Study of Place and Spirit in the Development of an Ocean Ethic


Burke, John



Ryan, Stephen T.


Watts, Barbara


Thoresen  Eileen

Faulcon, Elizabeth

The Atomic Bomb: A Search for Meaning in the Works of Scientists, Survivors and the Muted Response of Western Art


The Paradox of Progress – Fabrication of Necessity


Choose Your Children Well: Genetic Testing & Ethical Consequences


Ecological Literacy: Global Stewardship is responsibility.

Creating Change Through Documentary Film














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