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rain forest Canopy in Costa Rica

"The unsolved mysteries of the rain forest are formless and seductive. They are like unnamed islands hidden in the blank spaces of old maps, like dark shapes glimpsed descending the far wall of a reef into the abyss. They draw us forward and stir strange apprehensions."

E. O. Wilson, Storm over the Amazon.

The buttress of a tree in the Corcovado rain forest of Central America.

Corcovado rain forest in south western Costa Rica near the Panamanian border is the most extensive region of lowland tropical forest in Central America where the size and the variability of tree species is of great significance for protecting biological diversity. As an example of a diverse ecosystem the variety of species within the extensive forest along the Pacific Coast, and the variation in altitude along the coast make the area of special concern for protection of its plant, and animal life.

Cotapaxi, eruption of the volcano, by Frederick Church, American artist who visited the tropics and Mexico in th 19th century.

"The unknown and prodigious are drugs to the scientific imagination, stirring insatiable hunger with a single taste."

E. O. Wilson, Storm Over the Amazon, from The Diversity of Life.