The visualization of ways airs, waters, and places are co-generated by one another's elements is difficult if not dauntingly near impossible.

Salmonidae is perhaps the best means of demonstrating that only some of us can see how a forest as a place relies on the water, whose inhabitants facilitate the means of those trees replenishing the oxygen and carbon dioxide of our air while modulating the flow of water between the twin extremes of glut or want. For want of water we call drought and the glut of water we refer to as flood; neither of which is good for vegetation, let alone animal species that depend on water and temperature.

Range of the

"sockeye" salmon.










Salmonidae is the scientific name for the genus of salmon fish.

Atlantic (Salmo salar)


    1. Spring
    2. Coho
    3. Sockeye
    4. Pink
    5. Chum





BC salmon

Where are they?

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar)

Salmon migration



mapHow we put the world back together depends largely on how and why we took it apart initially.


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