"Reasearch operates past the edge of the known."

p. 193.


The goal is "The pursuit of reliable knowledge."

Spencer Weart, p. 195, The Discovery of Global Warming.


Taking knowledge "a step forward."

"You cannot point to a single observation or model that convinced everyone about anything."

p. 194.

line o dots

This process of connecting

"gives a clearer picture of what scientists could see at the time."

p. 194

Behind the method lies?

"The integrity of telling the truth is important, but it is not enough...they [scientists] regulalrly fool themselves."

1/4 = .25 or a quarter

1/5 = .2 or a quintile

Could we function without decimals -- yes; but could we think without decimals? Not as well as we now think.

Because global warming is a statistical problem, a scientific certainty shrouded in atmospheric, oceanographic, and ecological uncertainty and a set of real social unknowns.

The importance of words, terminology and vision.



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fearful symmetry