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Here are "the results of a poll by the Daily Politics programme on our willingness to pay green taxes.

It's a somewhat more mixed result - and a poll is only a poll - than I had thought. People do seem willing to pay IF they can be sure the government is going to tax in the right way and at the moment they don't seem to trust this will be the case.

Anyway here are the results.
The government has published a report showing that climate change could have a very significant impact on the world economy unless action is taken now to reduce carbon emissions.

Please say whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements:

1) The government should impose higher taxes on activities that cause pollution, even if that means the end of cheap flights and driving a car becomes more expensive.

Agree 53% Disagree 45%.

2) 'Green taxes' will unfairly hit poorer people, while rich people will be able to continue to drive and fly just as much as before.

Agree 69% Disagree 28%.

3) 'Green taxes' are not really about helping the environment; they are just designed to provide more revenue for the Government.

Agree 62% Disagree 33%.

4) There's not much point in doing my bit for the environment because Britain accounts for only 2% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

Agree 33% Disagree 64%.

You can find more details here.
Amanda Farnsworth is editor of Inside Sport.