What is a workshop?


The use of time to produce an outcome where participants talk to one another. They do this in order to contribute to one another's product,by a refinement of concepts, or reordering of ideas so that the outcome is best understood by all.


Any tool, technique and technical complex should be understood from these two ways:the design or structural elements and the purpose of functional elements.

Comprehending the terminology of the "techno-cosm" or second nature we have wrapped ourselves in so that we may not merely survive, but thrive.

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Comprehending the terminology of the technologigical cosmos or the world of the every day implements, devices, small appliances, drugs, apparatus, furniture, utensils, and machinery.

basic glossary



generative - to give rise, to replicate or repair, creative ability.

dependent on surgery to address a chronic problem

chronic need to upgrade software to keep up with computer hardware or newly emerging software (wysiwyg)

competitive advantage -- to nose ahead, prettiness in self-image is sensed as a crucial asset.

revenge -- the unexpected when unintended consequences of automated office work decreasing dialogue (p.231).

antibiotic resistance - survival capacity of bacteria to withstand assault.


nature (resources) versus nurture (conditions) as reasons for our behavior with respect to tools, devices or implements that influence techniques.

adaptation as fitness; adjusting to social, economic, natural or catastrophic change is confused with the capacity to use tools that can survive into the next generation without having to teach anyone how to employ the associated technology.

Dialectical materialism - belief that existence is binary and best understood as a unity of opposite tendencies. In the struggle of opposites a driving force propels everything on.

technological determinism - a set ideals or an ideology which expresses a belief that existence is largely governed by how tools and technical systems force people to react, adapt, adjust or change their behavior due to the power of a technique.

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The assembly of a thing must be understood from these two ways:

1). Structural elements or the design approach

2). Functional elements or the approach



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