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Social impacts:



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 County:    Places:    Affected acreage:  
 Population:    Density:    # Record heat days:  

 Social  population affected or per capita costs


 flooding (100, 50 year plains)


fuel consumption per capita


 air pollution index (bad days)


 storm water services expenditures


 est. value of assessed property

Each of the above entries can be explained on subsequent pages such as S-1 for the extent of the flooding expected or anticipated as coastal water rises.

data, costs or lists: column three. This data will vary depending upon available information, the rule is first acquire information and list according to type, that is: extent or area affected, population impacted, cost per capita, or aggregate cost.

map: column four.When & where available FEMA, Regional or County flood plain maps should be used in step two after you first get a map of the county, region or place you are surveying and xerox it to identify key vulnerable areas with respect to real estate values.

area: column five. This refers to acres, square miles, or square footage of the landscape under investigation. So that translates into the urban service area's extent, the storm water retrofit service area or size of an island -- say Boca Grande, or extent of impacted vegetation or waterways inland.

Cluster Impact Assessment sheet
Social impacts  The costs and extent of affects. tax assessor  FEMA maps  Planning office

 (number of boxes and total acreage)


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