For the purposes of any class an ecological core can be simplified to include the inorganic, or non-living habitat and the organic or biological community of bacteria, fungus, plants and animals.

The ecological core is linked by culture, language, tools, and religious beliefs to the reporductive and productive spheres of our lives.

Basic information with respect to technological stages of human changes in society and ideas.

Ecological revolutions are a reference to how humans due to numbers or technology together with climate may influence the essential core of relations that exist in any ecological system. Humans depend on ecosystem services from ecological systems.



Ecological Revolutions

altering the human relationship to nature

pastoral hunting,herding, collecting necessary for settlements to grow.
agriculture essential fuels to survive, cook and make tools, necessary for cities to spread.
industrial use of wind, water, fossil fuels for production, necessary for mechanization.
automated the replacement of humans by electronic robots, necessary for liesure class to grow.