banner Seaward the Dolphin's Dawn Recedes


j. siry

Dolphin breaks: Kevin Dixon, c. 2010

One beak breaks the surface, separates ocean
From air, as a sleek dark body heaves up, forward
And down into the watery dawn
Gliding below incoming swells.

Then up again the full length of a jet black arching body complete with dorsal fin splits the heaving surf elegantly swimming and breathing in one motion with the sea.

A moment lingers not, as from below the waves here appears another and another until a dozen beaks and ebony back fins breach, arching their way into the cool air.

Astir below are fish schools sensing encircling dolphins' hungry beaks and the approaching shore, seek seclusion from this morning's feeding,

Breaking the sea's grey swells with their indigo bodies in unison synchronously pursuing the agitated schools of prey, these dolphins instinctively choreograph

This coming death. Submerged below, unseen, the soon to be devoured fish dive from attentive dolphins above only to end ever closer to the shallow shore.

Swimming down the sand troughs parallel to the beach and perpendicular to the breakers the schools of prey swarm, emerging on a shoal alive with encircling

Dolphins. A sudden break upon an endless sea hidden in a turmoil by roiling sands under wind driven waves, feast supplants famine in a remorseless rite of seizure.

Swells dumbfound sandbars,
Breakers topple white upon a sea streaked opaque by quickening trade winds,
As an ebbing tide carries prey and predators ever seaward.

photographs are courtesy of Kevin Dixon, merchant marine.