The homeland of humankind.

Drakensburg Range

Drakensburg Mountain range in the Union of South Africa.

African women, 1989.
Massai Mara: Village square, 1989.

"Africa is the cradle of humankind."

Orgins of humankind

"For Americans, the Africa we imagine is a place we see most clearly in our 
imaginations as the terminus of a safari, or the exotically hostile landscape that haunts our 
peace of mind."

"Africa possesses  environmental characteristics, that harbors enormous 
diversity amidst the extremes of wet jungles and excessively arid deserts. From the 
equatorial mountains shrouded in clouds and ice to the immense rivers that disgorge the 
fertile soil of the interior plateau Africa is inaccessible to us so long as we see it as different 
and apart from us. Instead Africa is the place of our dim beginnings and home to our most 
desperate characteristics as a people and as a single family of human beings"	

Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park, Kenya

								Joseph Siry, 1989.

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