Conceptual sphere:

Collectively, all the expressions of peoples that are not fully understood as either merely biological or physical in origin. Thus conceptualizations are the intellectual products of our minds, or as Merchant claims are our consciousness.

As such, concepts may be inaccurate to a degree or mental fictions, but they are psychologically important means of securing social cooperation.


religion - expressions of sacred faiths, belief in divinity

science - a means of discovering doubts and certainties

language - a means of expressing meaning in symbols,

speech, pictures, signals, words and writing.

myth - a way of expressing ones beliefs about the world, its

creation and your role in both.

rituals - a set of stylized and repetitive actions that serve as a

  • means to describe our understanding, or
  • tell a story, or
  • discover some relationship with others in the world.

art - a means of emotively explaining ones fears and ideas.

festivals - the behavior marking certain regular events.

ethics - a means of socially controlling destructive impulses

that can lead to disruption of families, groups or enterprises deemed of importance to security, wealth or power of all members of an organization.

taboos - the forbidden actions in any group.

world views - a means of understanding and conveying to

others that reality and our opinions may be two very different things!

"nature" - used here it means what human societies have

organized into a body of knowledge about the planet and our universe.