This visual representation of two very different -- yet complementary religious traditions -- conceptions of creators and their creation conveys the Christian and the Hindu visions of how the cosmos originates, acquires its current form and flows divinely through us all.

The symbols of these religions, the Christian in behind the Hindu separated from one another in time and beliefs suggest that the Hindu circularity of time contrasts sharply with the Christian arrow of time. Both symbols are superimposed. And below is a a modern rendering of a black hole in outer space.

Black Hole

Astronomers believe that matter is created and destroyed by a black hole. God the father of the old testament is the Christian symbol watching above the concentric spheres containing the earth and his creation. Shiva dancing at the lower right embodies the Hindu recognition of the cosmos in a constant state of creation and decay.


 Christian  Hindu
 Father, Son, Spirit  Brahma, Shiva, Krishna

Ta Na o

 creation is redeemed  reincarnation occurs
 linearity of history  circularity of history
 salvation  rebirth
 Gospels  Sutras
 Bible  Gita
 saints  gods


Adam created by God


Religious faiths may seem different because of particular or peculiar beliefs, yet recurrent similarities are also obvious in that reverence requires obedience to a rule and belief in the divinity of humanity.

gravity waves





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