Spring 2009 Events                                                                          

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Latin American 2009 Film Series


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Sun., Jan. 25                    8 pm                2nd Floor Ward Classroom/TBA     Frontline: The War Briefing

Tues., Jan. 27                   8 pm                1st Floor Ward Lobby                     Nova: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies and/or The O'Reilly Factor

     "Orange-and-black wings fill the sky as NOVA charts one of nature's most remarkable phenomena: the epic migration of monarch butterflies across North America. NOVA's filmmakers followed monarchs on the wing throughout their extraordinary odyssey."



Sat., Feb. 7                      7 pm                Tiedtke Concert Hall                        Classical Music 101

    Conductor John V. Sinclair gives guests a delightful preview of the Bach Festival in this informal, interactive concert.   

Tues. Feb. 10                  TBA                4th Floor Ward Lobby                      The Dating Game - cancelled

Thurs., Feb. 12                5:15 pm           Mary Jane Plaza                             Abraham Lincoln impersonator Dr. Eugene Greissman w/Pat Williams, Senior VP Orlando Magic

Wed., Feb. 18                5 pm               Alfond Sports Center                        Rollins Women's Basketball vs. Lynn

Fri., Feb. 20                    TBA                Alfond Sports Center                        Campus Moviefest Premier Night

Sun., Feb. 22                   8 pm               4th Floor Lobby                                81st Annual Academy Awards Ceremony with Dr. Julian Chambliss

Mon., Feb.23?                 8 pm               1st Floor Ward Lobby                      Nova: The Spy Factory

        An examination of the National Security Agency, the intelligence body that intercepts communications, including its alleged failures prior to 9/11 and its eavesdropping practices since. It also questions whether the agency's approach is overly broad.



Tues. March 3/24?           8/9/10 pm        1st Floor Lobby                              Frontline or  Nova: The Big Energy Gamble viewing/discussion w/Dr. Mike Gunter

    NOVA examines California's bold initiative to combat global warming by slashing carbon dioxide emissions 30 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050.

Wed. March 18                6 pm                Meet at Rex Beach Hall                  Progressive Dinner from appetizers at Rex Beach to dinner at Ward to desserts at Elizabeth Hall

Thurs., March 19              8 pm                 French House Patio                      Telescope viewing w/Central Florida Astronomical Society & Dr. Elton Graugnard



Thurs., April 2                      6:30-9:30            Galloway Room                         Hunger Banquet

Mon., April 6                        9 pm                   Ward Faculty Apartment           NCAA Men's College Basketball Championship Party

Sat., April 11                       11 am - 2 pm       Mary Jane Plaza                        Spring Egg-stravaganza   

Tues., April 14                     9-10 pm              1st Floor Lobby                        Frontline/World: Children of the Taliban discussion with Dr. Mike Gunter

The riveting story of our correspondent's dangerous journey along Pakistan's fault lines, encountering young people who are caught between a brutal Taliban insurgency and a state struggling to preserve itself.

Tues., April 21                      9-11 pm              1st Floor Lobby                        Frontline: Poisoned Waters discussion with Dr. Mike Gunter

A health checkup of America's waterways that uses the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound as examples. In both estuaries, chemicals contained in everyday consumer products can be found, and are likely affecting marine life and humans.


Future Events

Sun., April 19                      2-6 pm              Mary Jane Plaza                       End of Year Barbecue Mary Jane Plaza

April 20/22/23                  TBA                 1st Floor Lobby                            Gattaca viewing and discussion with Dr. Darren Stoub

TBA                                  TBA                  1st Floor Lobby                            Last Lecture Series

TBA                                  TBA                  1st Floor Lobby                            Alumni Career Path Chat Roundtable