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About Chameleon the Beast (Sytova, ill. 32)
About the Twelve Good Friends (Itkina, ill. 87)
The Aerial Journey of Mme. Garnerin... (Sytova, ill. 71)
Ah, How Bright Is the Sky (Sytova, ill. 154)
Alexander of Macedon (Sytova, ill. 153)
Alkonost, the Bird of Paradise (Itkina, ill. 80-81; cf. ill. 156)
Amazing People Found By the Emperor Alexander... (Sytova, ill. 104)
An Apparition in the Sky Over Cartagena... (Sytova, ill. 44-5)
The Archangel Michael (Sytova, ill. 1)
The Assumption of the Virgin (Sytova, ill. 173)
The Barber Wants to Cut an Old Believer's Beard (Sytova, ill. 19)
The Battle of Liebstadt (Sytova, ill. 74)
Bernard Gigli the Giant (Sytova, ill. 53)
Bertha the Beautiful (Sytova, ill. 25)
The Birds of Paradise. The Lyre-Tailed Meniur (Sytova, ill. 155)
The Brave Hero Prince Bova (Ovsiannikov, ill. 56)
Brother Inn-keeper (Ovsiannikov, ill. 39)
The Bull That Did Not Want to Be a Bull and Became a Butcher (Sytova, ill. 48)
The Capture of Ochakov (Sytova, ill. 63)
The Cat of Kazan (Ovsiannikov, ill. 28-9; Sytova, ill. 18)
C'mon Geese, C'mon Swans... (Sytova, ill. 133)
The Combat of Prince Bova and Polkan (Sytova, ill. 100)
Come and Get the Vladimir Cranberries (Sytova, ill. 165)
Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov (Sytova, ill. 124)
The Creation of Man, Life of Adam and Eve in Paradise... (Itkina, ill. 69-70)
A Cut-Out ABC (Sytova, ill. 141-142)
The Death of the Righteous and Unrighteous (Itkina, ill. 98)
Do Not Curse Me, My Dear (Sytova, ill. 166)
Don't Wake up the Young Maiden (Sytova, ill. 157)
Down Along the Mother Volga (Sytova, ill. 158)
The Dream Book (Sytova, ill. 175)
The Dutch Quack Doctor and Pharmacy Proctor (Sytova, ill. 90)
The Eagle Owl (Sytova, ill. 66)
The Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 1766 (Sytova, ill. 49-50)
Yeruslan Lazarevich Kills the Three-Headed Sea Monster (Sytova, ill. 76, 145)
Farnos the Red Nose (Sytova, ill. 38, Ovsiannikov, ill. 37)
The Fellows Derring-Do and Good Fighters Too (Sytova, ill. 31)
The Female and Male Dwarfs (Sytova, ill. 30)
The Female Hen-Rider (Sytova, ill. 55)
Foma, Paramoshka, and Yerioma (Sytova, ill. 34)
The Forest Monster Caught In the Spring... (Sytova, ill. 46)
The Fortune-Telling Book (Sytova, ill. 174)
A Funny Little Folly for People to Be Jolly (Sytova, ill. 161)
Give Me Back My Buckets (Sytova, ill. 39)
The Glorious Battle of the King Alexander... (Sytova, ill. 12)
The Glorious Gobbler and the Merry Bibbler (Sytova, ill. 72)
The Glorious Knight Evdon (Sytova, ill. 24)
The Glorious Knight Peter the Golden Keys (Ovsiannikov, ill. 50)
The Greek Woman Warrior Bobelina (Sytova, ill. 101)
Herod's Massacre of the Innocents (Sytova, ill. 114)
The Holy Trinity (Sytova, ill. 85)
The Horrifying and Terrifying Parable (Sytova, ill. 2)
How the Mice Buried the Cat (Sytova, ill. 17; cf. Ill. 92)
Humbly I Ask, My Friend (Sytova, ill. 36)
The Hunter Stabs the Bear and the Dogs Bite (Sytova, ill. 26)
The Husband Weaves Bast Shoes With Skill... (Sytova, ill. 16)
Hussar, Upon His Sabre Leaning (Sytova, ill. 167)
I Am the Hop High Head (Sytova, ill. 53; cf. Ovsiannikov, ill. 68-9)
The Industrious Bear (Sytova, ill. 177)
In the Evening a Fair Maiden (Sytova, ill. 171)
In the Field Stood the Young Limetree (Sytova, ill. 152)
Jacob's Story of a Rich Nobleman (Sytova, ill. 47)
John Chrysostom's Sermon About the Sign of the Cross (Itkina, ill. 124-127)
The Judgement of Shemiaka (Sytova, ill. 51)
Just One Kiss, My Dark-Eyed Miss (Sytova, ill. 43)
Katenka Was Famous in the Entire Village (Sytova, ill. 129)
King Alexander of Macedon (Sytova, ill. 21)
The Lads Rode From Novgorod (Sytova, ill. 151)
The Life of Joseph the Beautiful (Sytova, ill. 7)
Major-General Alexander Seslavin (Sytova, ill. 96)
The Male Cock-Rider (Sytova, ill. 54)
The Massacre of the Participants of the Solovetsky Monastery Uprising (Itkina, ill. 61-63)
A Merry Ride In a Mouse-Drawn Carriage (Sytova, ill. 89)
A Monk's Vision of a Great Flame (Sytova, ill. 69)
The Money Devil (Sytova, ill. 110)
The Moneylender's Pleasant Dream (Sytova, ill. 140)
Moscow Mead and Picture Vendors (Sytova, ill. 137)
Napoleon's Arrival on St. Helena (Sytova, ill. 112)
An Old Custom (Ovsiannikov, ill. 45)
The Owl (Sytova, ill. 65)
Pantiushka and Sidorka See the Sights of Moscow (Sytova, ill. 159)
Pan Tryk and Khersonia (Sytova, ill. 29)
The Parable About the Correct Sign of the Cross (Itkina, ill. 137)
The Parable of the Prodigal Son (Itkina, ill. 74-76)
The Parable of the Rich Man and Poor Lazarus (Sytova, ill. 13-14)
Paramoshka and Savoska Played Cards (Sytova, ill. 33)
The Peepshow (Sytova, ill. 139)
Please Be Gone From Me (Sytova, ill. 28, Ovsiannikov, ill. 63-4)
The Ploughman's Song (Sytova, ill. 172)
Prince of Italy, Count Suvorov (Sytova, ill. 73)
Princess Druzhinevna (Ovsiannikov, ill. 49)
The Proverb: Even Though the Snake Is Dying... (Sytova, ill. 105)
The Pure Soul (Itkina, ill. 96; cf. ill. 95)
The Railway (Sytova, ill. 143)
Register of Beauty Marks (Ovsiannikov, ill. 46)
Register of Colors and Register of Beauty Marks (Sytova, ill. 60)
The Return of the Man from Yaroslav Home (Sytova, ill. 128)
Romance (Sytova, ill. 132)
This Rule Since My Youth I've Been Promoting (Ovsiannikov, ill. 61)
Russian Christmas Divinations With Chickens (Sytova, ill. 125)
The Sacrifice of Abraham (Itkina, ill. 73)
The Satyr Caught in Spain (Sytova, ill. 62)
Sirin, the Bird of Paradise (Ovsiannikov, ill. 81-2; cf. Itkina, ill. 77, 79, 112, 154-5)
The Soldier's Farewell (Sytova, ill. 160)
The Spiritual Pharmacy (Itkina, ill. 132 and 86; cf. ill. 97 and 159)
St. Nicholas (Sytova, ill. 9)
The Story of Cain's Birth (Itkina, ill. 150)
The Story of Esther (Itkina, ill. 138-140)
The Story of the Brave and Glorious Knight Prince Bova... (Ovsiannikov, ill. 58-60)
The Strong and Brave Hero Ilia Muromets Rides Out (Sytova, ill. 162)
The Strong Beast Elephant... (Sytova, ill. 68; cf. Ovsiannikov, ill. 8)
The Strong, Glorious, Brave Hero Ivan Tsarevich (Sytova, ill. 163)
The Strong Hero Yeruslan Lazarevich (Ovsiannikov, ill. 57)
The Sun and the Zodiac Signs (Sytova, ill. 15)
Tale of the Battle With Mamai (Sytova, ill. 115; cf. Itkina, ill. 64-67)
The Tale of Ruff Ruffson (Sytova, ill. 57)
Temptation of St. Anthony (Sytova, ill. 80)
The Tree of Useful Advice (Itkina, ill. 104)
The Valiant Knight Vintsian Frantsel (Sytova, ill. 35)
The Wedding of the Bear Mishka the Clubfooted (Sytova, ill. 148)
What a Noise They Are Making Outside (Sytova, ill. 164)
Why Are You Sleeping, Peasant? (Sytova, ill. 135)
The Woman of Babylon (Sytova, ill. 86)
Yaga Baba Rides to Fight the Crocodile (Sytova, ill. 27; cf. Ovsiannikov, ill. 22)
Yermak Timofeevich, Conqueror of Siberia (Sytova, ill. 150)

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