The Encyclopedia of Political Economy

is a two-volume work containing over 450-articles on topics considered by institutionalist, post-Keynesian, Marxist, Sraffian, feminist, social and environmentalist political economists (Philllip Anthony O'Harais the editor; it is published by Routledge in London & New York, 1999; Olin Library will have a copy soon.)  It is the product of a collaboration of some 300 international writers, editors, referees and advisors.  Here are my own contributions:

  • "Alienation" (EPE, pp. 10-13).
  • "Capitalism" (EPE, pp. 67-69).
  • "Economic Power" (EPE, pp. 245-249).
  • "Exploitation" (EPE, pp. 307-310).
  • "Surplus Value as Rent, Interest and Profit" (EPE, pp. 1134-1137).
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