A Paradox    
linked Any paradox embodies two logically opposite ideas that, nonetheless, make rational sense. Thus, a logical contradiction that nevertheless reminds us of a hidden truth, or an uncommonly recognized verity.
  • What is worth knowing is yet unknown.
  • The word that can be spoken is not the word. Lao Tzu
  • When upon hearing a sound, the moment has passed from which the utterance emerged.
  • There is no simultaneity, despite the appearance of such a coincidence. Einstein
  • We are not the apex of creation, but merely the latest bud and potentially the next extension; not of the limbs on the tree of life, but a flower-bud of the most current branch of the tangled bank. Darwin
  • Our genius is now threatening our existence, because we are destroying our life-support system ( Or the ecosystem services which we are damaging, degrading and diminishing at this moment).

Paul Ehrlich, paraphrased.