Charles Darwin, naturalist, author, biologist.

Contents based on the facsimile edition of the Origin edited by, the late, Ernst Mayr

On the Origin of Species (by Means of Natural Selection)

November 24, 1859


Table of Contents

 Charles Darwin's words in the Origin


 Alfred Russel Wallace (1859) Wallace's manuscript words


 1 Variation under Domestication "varieties in a state of domesticity"
 2 Variation under Nature  2. The Law of Population of Species
 3 Struggle for Existence  1. "Struggle for existence"
 4 Natural Selection
 5 Laws of Variation  Useful variation
 6 Difficulties on Theory  3. perfect adaptation to the conditions of existence
 7 Instinct
 8 Hybridization Reversion of Domesticated varieties
 9 On the Imperfection of the Geological Record
 10 On the Geological succession of organic beings
 11 Geographical Distribution (A)
 12 Geographical Distribution (B)
 13 Mutual Affinities of Organic Beings
 14 Recapitulation and Conclusion

On the Origin of Species

commentary by Joseph Siry

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