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indexed description of most subjects comprising Joseph Siry's virtual class site.

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ABCs of biological diversity what are the ideas behind living systems as a source of wealth?

Academic activities

Accounting for ecological assets or natural values
Acres needed to sustain industrial consumption the human footprint grows ever more intrusive.
Acronym for habitat -- Weal this explains a mnemonic device for ecologically conceptualizing any place.
an example of steps to take to change existing status of affairs.

Additional material on the site, 2004-2005

Advanced vocabulary

Advocating transformative education.

advocacy class

Air carbon dioxide excesses that are considered thermal pollution.
Air, composition of the atmosphere

Air quality, the carbon content graph of air saturation levels 1958-2000, at Hawaii--or Keeling Curve.
Albert Einstein's personal beliefs
a brief overview of what he thought about besides revolutionizing gravity and time.
Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic
this biologist conceived of terrain as alive, imbued with power and worthy of respect.
American Environmental History, course index

America's cultural landscape. A critical analysis of habitat or terrain conversion in the US.
America's Natural Heritage An inquiry into national attitudes about land, native peoples, and wildlife.
An Emerging Sense of Place

Antonyms of important terms

Apopka, lake area Regional project

Apopka: "People of the Lake"

Approaches to learning differ, Learning styles Not all people learn in the same way, some dominant patterns are discussed.
Aquifer, what is it?
-- a water soaked or porous, water bearing, underground rock formation used for drinking and waste.

Arches literally & metaphorically

Arkwright, Richard inventor of the water frame a key element in the mechanization of weaving & and reorganizer of labor.

Art, perspective in the 16th century

Art --rules to know-- Visualizations

Artists of the seashore

Arid regions Wallace Stegner called these plains, west of the Texas panhandle -- beyond the 100th meridian too dry to farm.
Assessment, six key steps in reevaluating objectives
Once we have made an error, adaptive management requires a correction!

Assignments this is a generic explanation for how students should approach work submitted for review.

Assimilative Capacity How do we measure the atmosphere's ability to absorb pollution? Check this out.

Atmosphere at risk? Can we do anything to solve this and related problems?

Atmospheric Chemistry percentages of atomic elements and compounds in the air.

Atoms, what are they?
Austin, Mary. The Land of Little Rain.
A remarkable woman defines her sensitivity to her second home in the 1890s.

Authors referred to on this site (a brief sub-listing) Sources of authority for the ideas in this web page.

Autism, technological the new malady that is diagnosed here which robs us of our reason, faith and even our identities!

Automated as opposed to mechanical developments in technology
Atomic bomb

Awareness: Community these are solutions to curb our present consumption of space, water and resources

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Barrier Islands

Bachelard's paradox, Gaston Bachelard, French poet and physicist

Bateson's ecological model conceived of as a machine, a biological anthropologist's idea is examined.
Bateson, who is Gregory Bateson and his sixteen verities.

Bateson, Gregory on patterns used in his UCSC classes, this biological anthropologist said that we mentally organize space.
biological game of life is a very different view of nature. Because the biotic game is how and where existing life affects the future conditions of living communities.
Biology: changes in worldview concerning life sciences.

Biodiversity Three types of natural variability are discussed and interpreted as a basic source of value to protect.
Biosphere, a look at the integrity of nature and life's diversity on earth.
black holes
Body, or corpus of knowledge, description

Books on climate change, (a recent bibliography)

Boston's Back Bay
Botanical Garden, importance of

Bronowski, Jacob: Science and Human Values: Dignity This is a brief discussion of a great scientists faith in human thought.

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Cadillac Desert a synopsis of a book by Marc Reisner
California a brief review of the proceedings from a 150th commemoration of the California gold rush, 1999.

California Water history Professor Emeritus, Norris Hundley's remarkable history of abuse by the best of people's noble intentions.

Campus map (Rollins College)

Canyon Dams Controversy in the Grand Canyon They tried to dam it and then they generated smog to hide it, a place besmirched.
carbon dioxide emissions each American contributes tons of carbon dioxide to the air annually.

Caribbean, region defined

Caribbean History study guide

Carrying Capacity compared to assimilative capacity are two means of seeing limitations-- see too
carrying capacity

Case studies of ecological problems.

Case study of water delivery systems

Cervantes, Miguel: sayings of, This master of Spanish literature gave us more phrases than you may know.
Challenges from global warming Human waste, or thermal pollution is now altering the very composition of the air we breathe.
Characteristics of science

Charette designing elements to fit a a community's needs

Class Attendance why it is important to your grade.
Class organization scheme - CORE Courses that I teach are organized with this acronym in mind.
classes: course survival kit for all students.

class times Course offerings, office hours and schedules for the current term

Clean energy agenda --The Earth Day 2000 attempt to generate popular support for clean air

Climate and sustainability the not so obvious connections between cutting emissions and living well
Climate change an index to all of the material on this site pertaining to global warming

Climate change assessment form concerning global warming impacts on places.

climate change, (a recent bibliography) 2004 to 1998.

Coevolving coexistence with nature If you can't live with it consider what would happen if you tried to live without it!

Colorado River Dams Controversy (1963-1968) a proposal to place two dams in the Grand Canyon was seriously considered.
Colorado River Valley a case study of concerning river management
Commentaries on ecological issues in science and policy: Course

Commons A synopsis of Garrett Hardin's, Tragedy of the Commons (1968)
Community Awareness: Course goal
Comparing your purposes and mine assessing each other.
Compass and the Gyroscope, Kai Lee


Complexity of nature and the biosphere

Concepts, what are they?
concepts to use

Concepts explained and tied to essays.
Conservation discussed.
Constitutional chronology.
Constitutional powers and Property Rights.
Consumption as a threat to global ecology

Course survival kit: a basic look at how to pass my class
Courses that I offer


Creation as a story of time

Criteria, defined

criteria used for grading your writing assignments Course related

Crosby, Alfred ecological historian looks at the greatest revolutionary accident in history

Crowley, Thomas on reality of global warming a statement of the facts from a reliable source

Cultural Landscape as an explanation of how settlement alters the terrain.
Cultural landscapes contrasted. with how places are understood.
Culture how the word has changed meaning in the last 150 years.
Culture as a focus of debate. contrasted with ideology and social meaning.
Culture, defined and discussed as an example of acquired traits of soft inheritance


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Darwin, Charles and The Origin of Species (1859)

Darwin, the person, a look at who the man was and what he was like
Darwinian Revolution in ideas as a major intellectual shift in thought
Darwinism; Neodarwinian Synthesis a statement of Mayr's, Eldridge's and Haldane's contribution
Darwin, On the Origin of Species. (1859) a series of notes on the classic
Darwin the person, Charles Robert Darwin
Darwinian Evolution or as a revolution in ideas about life's origins or development
Darwinian Revolution 1859-1871
Darwinian synthesis a look at how genetics and paleontological evidence was reconciled with natural selection and hard inheritances.

Debating multiple use: a critique of forest policies

“Seeing the forest through the trees at the forestry summit”
a formal essay on conservation of trees.

Definition of ecology the relation of an organism or species to its surroundings over time

Define Global Warming (climate change)
Demographic index of population information
Demographic information and impact a formula for comprehending impact = population X affluence and technological capability.
Demographically data worldwide a population comparison.

Denver as an example of urban sprawl.

Description: T. E. Hulme, on the critical character of describing things accurately
Deserts as Landscape a form of arid terrain
Design, ecological a formal description of appropriate use of technological
Difference between long and short term, time frames. to better understand ecological problems
Dillard, Annie Looking a weasel in the eye and learning about our natures and nature.
Dimensions, Hyperspace
Distinguishing ideas from images.

Discourse -- exceptionally fine
Diversity, Edward O. Wilson on biological diversity as a measure of wealth.
Double Helix, The: James Watson's book.
Dobson, Andrew -- ecological citizenship.

The Dominant Animal, Ehrlich & Ehrlich, text for Imperiled Planet class.

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.


Ecological criticism in literature
ecological integrity
ecological Model, Carolyn Merchant's to examine ecological revolutions.
ecological problems in science and policy:

ecological system's parts & ideas - the way in which ecologists divide the study of one's surroundings.
ecological system's services and functions = the term used by ecologists to explain necessities.
ecological web of relations?

ecology (space) and Evolution (time) generate complexity.
ecology as natural history
Ecology defined.
ecology of early California
ecology of the Everglades

Education means? the varieties according to Howard Gardner of human intelligence
Eigenwelt, German Gestlat psychology term for one's personal construction of the world.
Einstein's importance
Electromagnetic Spectrum

Employment? try looking here.
End of Nature by Bill McKibben
energy, what is it? An ecological approach to understanding fuels.

Energy Conservation

Energy topics index

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Environmental History syllabus

Environmental Issues
Environmental Management assessing content.
Environmental Problems

Erotics of Place

Essay Papers, how to construct a good written assignment
Ethics- Merchant, Carolyn.
Etymology of three divergent meanings for nature

Everglades - an overview
Everglades of Florida: an essay

Evidence for global warming.
Evolution before Darwin.

Evolution, what exactly is it?

externalities: the concept is explored in the following sites:
externalities simply defined
externalities related to Elizabeth Cairncross' book: Costing the Earth.
externalities explored both beneficial and destructive types

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Facts, general discussion of how data differs from knowledge
Facts on urban sprawl

First Along the River, by Benjamin Kline
Fine technology defined

Five Kingdom system as a hand represented

Florida, poem

Florida related pages.

Florida's Population
Florida's stake in Global Warming with respect to rises in sea level.

Folly what Garrett Hardin examines as the root of our ecological and economic problems

Forest problem to solve a form of ecological problems

Forest related matters

Forms of accounting for health and environmental losses

Formal writing as a form of learning
Free writing -- is a form of practicing informal writing to inform the mind and activate thought


Gallery Guide to images on this site
Gallery Guide to the Grand Canyon photographs

Garden, importance of

Geertz, Clifford on ideology and culture

Gelbspan, Ross author of The Heat is On
Gell-Mann, Murray, discoverer of quarks


Gene gallery

Genetic resistance
Genetics the history of in brief
Genetics, topics on (index of)

Genetics, history of

Geological time, deep time
Gestalt Psychology.
Gestalt diagram of three world we inhabit simultaneously

Glacial melt as a signal of climate chaos and global warming
Global climate change
Global ecology, lessons of
Global population data compared
Global security and ecology, Kennedy and Dodd's conclusions
Global warming

global warming frequently asked questions FAQs

Global Warming defined
Global Warming article synopsis
Global Warming guide to the site
Global warming recent bibliography, 2000-2005

Glossary of words used on this web site

Government sources of information for research
Grade Scale

Grand Canyon Dams -- The dates of or timeline about the controversy (1963-1968)

Grand Canyon Dams -- index to the controversy (1963-1968)

Grazing acreage or carrying capacity
Greek idea of nature (physis)
Greider, William

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.


Habitat, acronym for  is - Weal

Haiti, original changes in government,

Haitian Revolution, 2004; 200th anniversary retrospective

Hardin, Garrett, Tragedy of the Commons
Hardin, Commentary on commons, inevitability of outcomes is an element in tragedy
Hardin on Folly

Health of places, the Caribbean (Mintz) and Mexico (Paz; colonialism)
Historical Landscape
Historical methodology
History as an endeavor to recapture past landscapes.
History of Caribbean landscapes.
History of Science, syllabus

Home page for research

How Numbers can mislead you
How to find me during the semester.
Hub for the web site's focal areas with related subjects indexed.

Human Ecology
Human Genome and DNA research

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Ideal versus real -- comparisons
Images and ideas.

Impact formulas (population and wealth)

Information, what is it precisely?


Intelligence, multiple expressions of

Intelligence is described as a variety of educated responses to the world, people, places and things around you.
Interviewing people

I-PAT impact of population, affluence and technology on ecological systems


Kaku, Michio: author of Hyperspace

Keystone species, defined with some examples and an index to other sites
Kincaid, Jamaica author of A Small Place -- Antigua
Klamath River
Knowledge, a corpus or body of concepts
Kuhn, Thomas on scientific revolutions

Kyoto Protocol, described

Kyoto protocol, speech concerning

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.

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Labor, defined
Labor models of

Labor Theory of Value The notion that the worth of anything is determined by the amount of time it takes to produce or refine the material.

Labyrinth of Solitude Octavio Paz's 1950 collection of Essays on identity and coexistence

Lake, The Lake as Microcosm. an analysis of Stephen Forbes, Lindemann's and Odum's concepts of energy and productivity relations in a confined space.

Land as a home page to related themes pages on the site

Land and Technology, Arnold Pacey on Meaning
Land, defined as an essential, or core ingredient in a model of ecological revolutions.
Land, defined as watershed The concept of unified landscape basins that receive and channel runoff from rainfall
Land Ethic A paragraph by paragraph analysis of Aldo Leopold's essay
Land of Little Rain, [Owens Valley, California] by Mary Austin
Land system in USA The shape of the Jeffersonian land survey system (grid) in the countryside

Land's value Ecological Planning Method for evaluating the competing values in property

Landscape a focus of study. Notes on what experts have said about the national geography of the US

Landscape as altered by tools and technology.

Landscape and Memory, notes on the book by Simon Schama

Landscape, arid regions A look at the arid regions of the Western US

Latin American perspective on USA & modernity, O. Paz themes

Laws of ecology Three laws that explain why functional problems persist.

Learning styles


Methods: these are two related pages that discuss, examine in some detail and diagram the means we have from distinguishing facts from opinions. See also certainty, science, and vocabulary.
Model here is a schematic diagram of ecological relationships in any place.

Lecture format examined.

Lee, Kai: The Compass and the Gyroscope, notes on bounded rationality, civic science, and regional planning opportunities to solve ecological problems.
Leopold's (Aldo) Land Ethic.

Leopold's Land Ethic this biologist conceived of terrain as alive, imbued with power and worthy of respect.

Life Sciences

Limits, Garret Hardin's Living Within Limits about ecological constraints.
Living Downstream, an ecologist looks at cancer
Lovelock's Gaia Hypothesis

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.



Mayr, Ernst One Long Argument notes on this history of Darwinian ideas and significance of evolution.

Methods -- finding out what we do not know

Methodology -- the means by which we know things or establish the veracity of something


Mintz, Sydney, notes on the importance of sugar production and consumption from 1650-1990.
model of capital accumulation
model of ecology applied to history Ecological history is a systemic and functional view of the past
Merchant's (Carolyn Merchant) model of ecological changes -- called Ecological Revolutions by this environmental historian Merchant, Carolyn: partnership ethic
multiple intelligence, the concept of (book notes) Howard Gardner's description of a half dozen forms of intelligence other than being smart!

National Forests and Parks are often unhappy neighbors
Nature An essay on estrangement from the processes of the material world.

nature as an animate cosmos
Nature, original western concepts of and ancient debate over
Nature, the revolt of (notes on Max Horkheimer's essay)
Nature: an index to related sites about nature
Nature: three variant meanings traced to Greek roots

New evidence on human impacts generating Global Warming
Nitrogen problem of no capacity to assimilate the consequences of air pollution

Occam's Razor
Office, hours and its location
Oklawaha River data
Olympic National Forest surrounds the Olympic National Park:

On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection
Oral presentations
Origin of Species (1859) Notes on the critical ideas and arguments in the books 12 chapters
Our Nation's Natural Heritage

On the Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin; notes on critical passages
One Long Argument, by Ernst Mayr, Mayr's diagram of Darwin's ideas
opposing words, antonyms -- a list of some!

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.


Pacey on technology and meaning

Papers, how to construct a good written essay -- exceptionally fine discourse

Paz, Octavio, author of a Labyrinth of Solitude

Paz compared to Mintz and Crosby's analysis of West Indian development
Paz, Labyrinth of Solitude's contents and connections to chapters
Paz, The Other Mexico,1968 the development of political and social democracy
Paz, Philanthropic Ogre, US Mexican Relationship in 1970s
Paz, Themes 1990s: Modernity, isolation, reconciliation and development
Paz, Themes in US and Latin American relations
Paz Mexican Intelligentsia
Paz, Present Day
Paz, Mexican Revolution
Paz, The Sons of La Malinche
Paz, Colonialism and the conquest of the Indians

Octavio Paz, Labyrinth of Solitude, (index)

Photographic Memoir from around the world.
physis, Greek idea of material nature
Place, erotics of

Planet Earth
Plutonium, puzzle of An essay on understanding radiation and plutonium's radioactive decay
Poetry of purpose An Elegy

Population Data
Population growth in the USA during the 1990s.
Population impact formula : I = P * A * T or the consequences of population and technology on resources
Population momentum after 30 years!
Population of Florida
Preservation of natural resources.
Project for an Energy Efficient Florida: PEEF
Property Rights and Constitutional powers.
Protection, environmental defined

Pursell on the history of technology and its power to reshape labor, power, time and space.


Razor,Ockham's, the importance of avoiding pleonasm in your writing!

Reisner on Reclamation in the American West
Related discussions of forests:
Rendering of an ecological basis for human associations.
Research on the World Wide Web

resource flow

Revolt of nature Max Horkheimer's classic statement about the human assault on nature.

Revolution, political in Latin America
Revolution -- in France, 1789-1803,

scientific revolutions, Thomas Kuhn on
_______ scientific revolutions: the first use of the word in 1543 in the modern context.

River as a metaphor

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.


Sacred Nature
Scale and levels of organization in nature.


Science defining science
Science-- graduate level class -- class material related
Science -- course overview
Science -- Earth encompassed
Science ecological
Science method
Science perception
Science and policy: In the Climate Change Era
science and policy: critical ecological-health issues in
Science and policy, ecological problem solving

Characteristics of science
Science is more than meets the eye.
Science related pages
Scientific Method
Milestones of Modern Science
Scientific challenges to us Scientific revolutions

Sense of Place; Sense of Time, by J. B. Jackson
Sex, Time and Power, Leonard Shlain, M.D.–women's role in shaping human evolution

Visualizing scientific knowledge

Science represented as a pyramid of certainty
Science defined as how we know things
Science Index
Science, intelligence and liberal education -- an essay of 325 words

Science is defined and analyzed here as one of several linked pages.
Science related topic index
Science texts, writing about the contemporary worldview
Science, Revolutions in and ideas or Five Scientific Revolutions
Science and Policy: In the Atomic Age

Science and policy, ecological problem solvingknowledge pyramid

Science is more than meets the eye.

Science displayed as a pyramid of knowing … … … … …

Science index -- an additional index to topics on science and technology

Science related pages
Science related to technology

Scientific revolutions
Sea level changes and climate
Service Learning

Sex Chromosomes and the importance of X and XY chromosomes

Siry schedule

Social sciences index to subjects
space, defined

Speech to protect Florida's natural heritage

Spirit of place

Spirit of the times, or Zeitgeist

Sprawl and its impact on Florida

Stalking the wild marine turtles!

Stanislaus River, Fight for the
study guide -- Caribbean Environmental History,
Sunken Treasures of the Florida Keys
survival kit for any course
sustainability and global warming
sustainability, What is?
Sustainable paths for the world (permaculture)

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.



Taxonomy of terms data, information and meaning with respect to knowledge

T. E. Hulme, on the critical character of description
Teaching and professional interests:

Technical Organization, A Reflection on the way technical systems reorganize our existence.

Technology as politics
Technology is defined here as the application of knowledge to human affairs.
Technology is discussed and examined as the means we have to solve the apparent difference between an existing and a desired state of affairs or conditions.
Technology, laws of; by Melvin Kranzberg

technological laws, Melvin Kranzberg has five laws of technical development
Technological Experience is shown as a tetrahedral pyramid by Arnold Pacey
Technological Change is caused by some unseen and overlooked causes

Technology disturbs, the distribution of people and places, as much as it is an asset in everyday life
Technology is Complex and has the power to make masses of people Contented

Technological Periods is a time line to significant inventions and their meaning.
Technological aspects of Modern Connections among tool complexes.
Technology history Overview: details of the class and significant concepts to know.

Technology hub or home index for topics related to the history of tools and tool use

Technology a definition and brief analysis

Technology, laws of, Melvin Kranzberg's observed behavior and attendant criteria for tools
Technology, history of, a syllabus for the class

Pacey on
Postman on
Pursell on

Temperature is rising on the Earth's surface

Ten ecological commandments

Thamus, story of
The Double Helix, by James Watson, notes
The Genetics related information index
The Great Thirst, Norris Hundley, Jr.

The greatest good for the greatest number

Thesis versus theme
The Science is compelling about the reality of Global Warming
The tree as microcosm.

Three facets of Ecological Problems
Time as a dimension
Time, short versus long term

Tips to doing well in classes


Tools are the items or utensils, devices or implements used to identify and understand the power of technology and the techniques we use.

Tools have three facets and may other names; some synonyms for tools are: apparatus, devices, gadgets, implements, instruments, machinery, materials, robots.

Tragedy of the Commons
Transpersonal Ecology

Twentieth Century contemporary culture.
Two million years of climate & Global Warming data

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.




Uncertainty in science, a valued role to play in formulating knowledge.
Unity of natural sciences
urban sprawl, data on what cities are more sparsely settled than others.

U.S.A. America's national heritage of nature

U. S. A. Maps Physiographical regions & land-use patterns, energy and coastal density

U. S. A. Maps: satellite map- A physical and biological view

U. S. A. Map with tectonic view of the world

Utilitarianism -- a look at what the term means and its limitations for guiding policies.


value as distinguished in economics from ecology
values inherent in nature
Values, landscape

Vehicle miles traveled, meaning and significance: traffic as a source of mobile pollution
Verity, or veracity, Determining the reliability of information.

VITA of Joseph Siry, Ph.D.
Vocabulary building

Vocabulary, advanced terminology defined

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.


Warming, global

Warming, global climate change: frequently asked questions about climate change

water ethics, a new approach

Water related ideas

Water as symbolically significant, notes on Landscape and Memory by Simon Schama

Watershed, importance of


Weal as a habitat
Weal as the root of wealth
WEAL of nature
Wetlands are Repositories, not wastelands

What is new?
What is risk?
What is sustainability?
Whitman's (Walt ) Leaves of Grass
Williams, Terry Tempest, An Unspoken Hunger,
Word Webs
words I use
words to know
World Wide Web, Research on the

Weltanschauung the German conceptualization of historical errors
WEAL as the root of wealth from weald for forest.
When writing, there are 4 things to always consider

Woodwalk, a lesson in ambulating among arbors
Words, the importance of
Words; the importance of accurate expression and the appropriate choice of terms is examined here. Eight of the most important terms for my courses are defined here, as well as on other pages.
Wordsworth, William
Worldview is discussed and analyzed at some length and a detailed discussion of ignorance and certainty as these ideas relate to knowledge, use of evidence and specific lessons is at this site.
Worldview, and as changes in the Life Sciences, (1859-1959)
Worldviews are simply described here as ways of knowing our mistakes.

worldviews -- a simple definition of a much more complicated subject

Writer's almanac -- some thoughts on writing as a form of creative expression

Writing criteria -- use to see if your paper utilizes these suggestions.

Writing essays -- guide to reflecting on formal written work

writing, free -- informal writing to get the mind moving over the cognitive realms of imagination

Writing Papers, structure and clarity

Your grades are determined by this criteria

Zeitgeist the German idea for "spirit of the times"

Ar, B, Ca, Co-Cu, D, E-El, F, G, H-K, L, M-O, P, R, S, T, U, V-W, X-Z.
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