heat Evidence for Climate Change due to human pollution and land-use grows despite the misinformation
  "False Hope: The rate of global temperature rise may have hit a plateau, but a climate crisis still looms in the near future."
  Michael E. Mann, Pennsylvania State University.
  Scientific American. April, 2014, pp. 78-81.
Drivers of climate  
  ". . . reassuring claims about climate change abound in the popular media, but they are misleading at best. Global warming continues unabated, and it remains an urgent problem."
  " . . . temperatures still rose, just not as fast as the prior decade."
p. 78.

". . . the earth has experienced exceptional warming over the past century. . . . "

Temperatures show: "an abrupt and unprecedented rise since since the mid 1800s. . . . ongoing human-caused rise in atmospheric greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide."

p. 80.
Climate threshold

Today "it hardly signals the end of global warming or even a pause. Instead it simply buys us a little bit more time – potentially valuable time – to prevent our planet from crossing the threshold."

"These findings have implications for what we must do to prevent disaster."


  "We are well on our way to surpassing these limits. In 2013 atmospheric CO2 briefly reached the 400 ppm for the first time in recorded history–and perhaps for the first time in millions of years, according to geological evidence."
  "Yet destructive change has already arrived in some regions. In the Arctic, loss of sea ice and thawing permafrost are wreaking havoc on indigenous peoples and ecosystems.  
  "For these regions, current warming, and the further warming guaranteed by CO2 already emitted, constitutes damaging climate change today."  
  "cautious optimism" . . . . "That is, if – and only if – we accept the urgency of making a transition away from our reliance on fossil fuels for energy."  
p. 81.
Carbon dioxide levels
  Carbon dioxide levels  

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