Mexican Intelligentsia

"Thinking is the first obligation of the intelligentsia . . . "


"World history has become everyone's task, and our own labyrinth is the labyrinth of all humankind."

p. 173.

"the group whose vital activity is critical,"

"that part of Mexico that has accepted the responsibilities and joys of being Mexican" ---

"culture is often in advance of history, prophesying what is to come." "words transcend history"

p. 151.

"words transcend history"

p. 151.

"Our cultural crisis, for perhaps the first time in history, is the same as the crisis of our species."

"it is man himself" who is in danger of being destroyed.

pp. 171-172.

"Now history has recovered its unity and has become what it was at the beginning: a meditation on humankind."

p. 172.

simply a description of certain “attitudes of the Mexican intelligentsia."

"recognize that we must invent new institutions and a new future. But the Revolution has expired without resolving our contradictions."

". . . the past has left us orphans, as it has the rest of the planet, and we must join together in inventing our common future."

p. 173.

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The Labyrinth of Solitude, 1950