Prometheus, meaning for man

fire Fire

Prometheus was the Titan who stole fire from the gods (Zeus) and gave it to the human race. For that disobedient act he was tortured by having a bird of prey eat his liver for all eternity.


In the Greek mind, fire was considered to be a primal element. That is one of the four elements that comprise the world (water, air and earth being the remaining three). For people to have fire, it was believed, they would have to develop the skills of control, eternal vigilance, and deep knowledge of making and keeping the holy flame.

By comparison

Vestal TempleIn Roman times the Vestal Virgins kept the eternal flame intheir temple, symbolizing the divine presence in the world. The site of the temple on the Forum Romanum is believed to be one of the longest, consistently recognized sacred places in the ancient world, which like Sarnath, Delphi, Tsimayo, Sinai, Mecca or Jerusalem is the spot where the divine is manifest in creation.

Zoroastrians or the Persian relegious sect were fire worshippers who conceived that the divine became manifest in the material world symbolized by fire.

The Hindus in India, burned forests, and made butter from cows milk to ignite fires in order to worship their gods.

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