False Perspectives

Icarus“Humans are a species that tell stories--they live their lives around stories that give meaning and understanding. The telling of stories is not a simple act, as writer Susan Griffin explains it, but a way of narrating events that gives the listener ‘a path through those events that leads to some fragment of wisdom’ by such transmission, consciousness is woven.”

Gary C. Bryner, Gaia’s Wager, (2001), p. 177.

"We are pattern seeking, story-telling primates trying to make sense of a often chaotic and unpredictable world. A stage-theory (belief that stages of development pre-exist and we pass through these) works in a manner similar to a species classification, heuristic or an evolutionary sequence schema.”

Michael Shermer, “Stage Fright, Scientific America, November, 2008, p. 42.


Postman about discourse diminished


Some examples of stories

Jonah & the Whale was a test of faith as is the Story of Job, but with different endings.

Any story is a narrative that seeks to convey in its events some universal theme despite the peculiarities of the plot and a clear symbolism for every person regardless of the characters that are signally important to the outcome of the events.

David & Goliath

Icarus & Daedalus

Echo & Narcissus


When the Killing's Done, by T.C. Boyle

White Noise, by Don DelLillo

Moby Dick, by Herman Melville

Huckelberry Finn, by Mark Twain, Samuel L. Clemens

The Bear, by William Faulkner


The consequences of avoiding one's duties
Not heeding a father's warnings
Unrequited love of a self absorbed person
Success against overwhelming odds

David and Goliath

David slays the giant Goliath.

Fall of Icarus

Daedalus sees the fall of Icarus



Echo is ignored by Narcissus.



Visualizing stories

What is technology?