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1. So can you describe clearly and with examples that Pacey and the other authors have arguments about socio-technical characteristics of how technology changed from 1650-1900?

1.1 Pursell argues that four myths distort our understanding of technology & are crucial to comprehend, and to refute.

1.2 Postman has an argument about key technologies (according to Francis Bacon) that so changed the social relations of people in the world as to be incomprehensible, or at least so hard to decipher that most people do not even try to comprehend the power of technology to transform our lives, our work, and our "thought systems."

    1. Can you tell us in writing about some of those crucial details that occurred between 1000 AD in China and 1900 AD in the world about which you have been reading?
    2. Can you explain how mechanization may reveal the definition of technology and science underwent a change?
    3. Can you examine social examples about adapting to technical changes, that quite "extend" the definition of technology?
    4. Do these socio-technical changes more comprehensively reveal a deeper – but neglected – part of our history?
    5. Can you explain with examples from all these authors the following statement:
      1. "By merely saying that materials, knowledge, implements, artifacts, and processes are all essential parts of understanding technology, we only see the surface of how profoundly the "use of tools to solve problems" altered society during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries."
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    See for example -- A complete defintion of machine! under

    Oxford Reference for 1600s

Tulips as tools?
Tools of Toil: what to read.
Tools are historical building blocks of technology.
Technology can be understood if tools have three facets.
Tools used in both Music and Architecture led to mechanization and automation.
Tools and the study of technology require us to reflect on the power of instruments,

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