rose Sa_zen

A state of suspension

(Freedom from the knownKrishnamurti called it.)


Gave birth to:

Buddhism        +          Daoism  =======>           Zen

  A key tenet of Zen Buddhism is:

The instant you speak about a thing you miss the mark.


Religious practices of Zen place emphasis on:

The direct mystical  impression and experience requires intuitive understanding (insight) observation is the key – it has to be seen

Seeing is a mode of perception that transcends mere visiual interpretation.

Taoist temples called

Kua, to look


CHAN Buddhism is the Chinese equivalent of  Zen Buddhism.

Koans are the paradoxical expression of seemingly contradictory but revealing insights.


D. T. Suzuki explains the mental breakthrough of mystics:

“Shakes the very foundations of one's worldview.”

“upsetting every form of standardized experience.”

Zen master “bottom of a pale breaking through.”


The Tao which can be spoken is not the Tao.