How we recognized that the enemy was us.

English home

Describe the sort of home and neighborhood you grew up in noting the setting, shape, size and configuration of your home and other residences in the neighborhood. Describe the area as far as the walking distance and what sorts of commercial or municipal land use was characteristic of the area.



Be prepared to explain it to the class and compare your neighborhood and home to the model home in Lakewood Park, California.

lakewood park

Lakewood Park has been called by some the largest community housing development in history. When finished, it will have a total of 17,150 homes.





A new home, one of a type being built in Lakewood Park, a new community housing development in southern California. All homes are equipped with the following:

Homes for the 21st century:



Middle class virtues


Cartoon next

Cartoonist Walt Kelly, in 1960s made this prophetic statement about the source of ecological degradation, and writer Norman Mailer suggested humans wer a cancer on the earh.


Aldo Leopold and a re-envisioning of the landscape.

Merchant's Chronology 1640-1992


The design process

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