Time and space are dimensions.
dimensions Dimensions: the extent to which anything persists or the degree to which something extends or is measured.
X is the magnitude or extension of length.
Y is the vertical extension.
Z is distance perpendicular to the length and vertical extent.
Three dimensions of space-time.
area means the combined extent of any two dimensions.
volume means the compounded extent of any three dimensions.
What if "time" is yet another magnitude, or dimension of space?

Etymology of dimension

The word derived from di + Mensure
twofold or twin [
DI, is Latin from DI, Greek ] + metiri [ Latin ] from the word meath.

meath, is Old English, from Latin mensus, from metiri, from Greek Metron: METRON an adequate or due portion, the capacity or amount determined by counting the distance between fixed points in similar units, scales or proportions, such as meters.