"Worldviews arise from views of our world"

Draw a map of the world.


Compare your drawing to these two different map projections with respect to relative sizes of the continents on a globe:

How does your map diverge from these two projections?

Equal Areas Projection map

from World Resources Institute

Classical Mercator Projection

modified by Solar Power Research Institute

Where do these maps differ and how do they differ from one another?

List the differences that you detect. Earth

Now consider the impact of these visual representations on your ideas about the world.

equal areas
Peters equal area projection
Miller cylindrical projection







Do you think world problems are influenced by our "picture" of the globe?

Yes, to some extent. | No, not at all. | I do not know? | Now is the first time I ever considered this.

How so?

In what two or three ways do you think the image influences your thinking about global problems?

  • 1)
  • 2)
  • 3)

Now what do you think after viewing this perspective:

South Polar view at top of the screen.

An ancient concept of the world:

Ptolemy's world

Ptolemaic view of the world

Current, contemporary world:
view of world
your view of the world we all share.