Layers of complexity in life's order.

Bottom of the stairway of organic order.

subatomic: quarks, leptons, bosons

atomic: neutrons, protons, electrons - Atoms

elements: C, H, O, P, K, I, N, S, Ca, Fe, or

Molecular: C. Hopkins Cafe

H2O (water) or CO2 are compounds

bases: adenine = thymine; guanine = cytosine
helix shape of DNA & RNA molecule in which three bases code for an amino acid (21)
the sequence of N bases = sequence of the amino acids & the sequence of amino acids = protein, hormone, enzyme
sequences of DNA or RNA = traits on chromosomes

Three base sequences code for amino acid, the building blocks of proteins.

Proteins, catalysts, hormones; the micro machinery of life.

Organelles, like mitochondria & chloroplasts have their own DNA

Cells normally have DNA in organelles: packed into the nucleus if these are Eukaryotic cells.

  1. Organisms
  2. Species
  3. Biotic Communities
  4. Biome
  5. Biophysical Region

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