The syllabus

A cover to the syllabus is -- a guide among six others.

env260_AEHistory.html is a brief description of the required activities.

A list of the art used im the class is at:

American landscape artists featured is -- Amer-Landsc-Artists.html
Images used can be found at: AmerEbHist_Images.html
Also used are contrasts of photographs and painyings:
generally used is American scenery;
This selection is specifically focused on the 19th Century.

Saranac lake

an example is: Saranac Lake, in the Adirondack mountains s of New Your State


weekly index is -env280.html – that covers details of the topics discussed over the length of the term.
A guide to the test is -- EcoHist_Exam-guide.html
Maps used are -

The Americas as they were imagined based on discoveries in 1590s when England became serious about populating the places Spain had settled.

The single most important image in our national history with respect to land is this grid pattern:

Grid pattern

Can you determine why that is from the following sites?