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How does the film "Harvest of Shame" help or hinder your concept of a just society?

“The excluded Americans”

Of the conditions of migrant workers in the US he says:

“is a shame”

Secy. of  Labor, Mr. Mitchell

There is no interstate standard for safety and no standards or health coverage for children who work in the fields although child abr was restricted by Congress in 1906.


“better to be employed.”

American Farm Bureau -- AFB– representative.

$900.00 per year November 1960.
They work 168 days per annum
6 am to 4 pm daily ($1 / da)

Harvest of Shame was the work of Edward R. Murrow

A look at the “under-educated, under clothed, underfed."

Our “fellow citizens who pick your food” – The best fed people in the world.

Who are they? Examples from the interviewed families:

Mrs. Dobie (9 children) – eat a pot of beans, fried potatoes, corn.

Milk “we can’t afford it everyday.

Belle Glade – Florida
Okeechobee labor camp, bean pickers (nursery cost money 85¢ per day

Two to three millions of migrant workers.

Food – feed them?
Elaine King -14 children ( African American Woman

Parson’s family -- migrants
Do the farmer’s care?
“no sir”

“be well, stay together, to own a farm – ‘tend one chirch’ . . . they’d be better satisfied”

Mr. Roach – Waycross, Ga.
            Spent the night in the woods, slept outside the car. (bread and baloney) $1.45 in his pocket.

“I always worked.”

Yulee, Florida, is the checkpoint or departure place enroute north for teams of migrants from south Florida..


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Neil Postman -- Amusing Ourselves to Death: the affects of TV on us. pp. vii-29.

        Postman, pp. 30-63.  Film: Edward R. Murrow: “Harvest of Shame” in class.

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