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Environmental health

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Social subject indexes

Ecology, Population, Charles Darwin, Aldo Leopold, History, Nature, Photographs, Science, Technology, Water, Wilderness, Words, Genetics

NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations

International News

Search Engines:

globe'Google Scholar.


Investigative Journalism: Frontline on PBS.

Public investigative journalism.


A new non-profit to investigate under-reported stories.

More places.

When determining what words mean first go here:

Etymology or the derivation of words is easy to determine on line.


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http://www.berkeleymedia.com/ • Berkeley Media LLC is one of America's foremost distributors of independently produced documentaries and educational media.


High School Tony Awards Honor Schools' Biggest Nerds.


Art and Music

NOVA: Science journalism for television.

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newspaper indexhttp://www.newspaperindex.com/en/

U.S. Newspapers

International Newspapers

Hip guides to current events:

International Press | United Nations Environment Programme | Further Research | Facts

NGOs or Non-Governmental Organizations | Maps & Atlases | Museums


The Central Intelligence Agency's World Fact book


The AAAS Atlas of Population and Environment

This is an important analysis of the relationships between human population and the environment. Illustrating through text, maps, and diagrams how population affect the world's ecosystems and natural resources both in the short and long term, the Atlas brings together a wealth of information from the most up-to-date sources.

In view of the profound significance of these issues as we enter the new century, this accessible resource will be an invaluable tool for individuals, academics, governments, and corporations. Divided into topical chapters and fully referenced, these materials are offered as web pages and Adobe Acrobat documents. All the information of the Atlas is currently accessible and will be expanded and improved regularly.

Introduction by Peter Raven.

And now you can research the materials, and build your own research file using the My Atlas feature.

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International Press | United Nations Environment Programme | Further Research | Facts | Maps & Atlases | Museums

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University of Texas at Austin's map room: The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection (PCL 1.306) is a general collection of more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world. Many of the maps are included in our online catalog UTNetCAT. More than 5,000 map images from our collection are also available online.


Yale University Map Collection

Dr. Lanman's Collection reflects truly "a man of many parts." He was instrumental in discovering that excess oxygen use in treating premature babies was a major cause of infant blindness. He was professor of pediatrics and chairman of the pediatrics department at the Down State Medical College of the State University of New York, and the author of many articles. He was director of the Center for Research for Mothers and Children at the National Institutes of Health. In addition to a distinguished career in medicine, he built an elegant collection of maps, books and globes, many focusing on East Asia (the Orient), where he had served during World War II as a medical naval officer.


National Atlas of the United States® http://www.nationalatlas.gov/ Work on a new National Atlas of the United States® began in 1997. This Atlas updates a large bound collection of paper maps that was published in 1970. Like its predecessor, this edition promotes greater national geographic awareness. It delivers easy to use, map-like views of America's natural and sociopolitical landscapes. Unlike the previous Atlas, this version is largely digital.

Relief map of USA: Move the cursor over the map and press the left mouse button to highlight the spatial distribution of an elevation range. Or click on elevation tints in the legend. Hold the mouse button down to continue highlighting. To view either map separately, hold the mouse button down over the Shaded Relief or Contour Map icon.


International Press | United Nations Environment Programme | Further Research | Facts | Maps & Atlases | Museums

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A Tapestry of Time and Terrain: USGS: United States Geological Survey presents a time and topography tapestry of landforms in the USA: http://tapestry.usgs.gov/


Florida Geological Survey: The solid earth is a fundamental and critical component of any ecosystem. Data and research on earth systems such as aquifer systems, geologic frameworks, oil, gas and mineral resources, and geologic hazards are essential toward resource protection, human health concerns, and successful ecosystem management. The Florida Geological Survey (FGS), established in 1907,  is the only bureau within Florida state government that provides the research, data and necessary institutional memory to support the need for geology-related information. http://www.dep.state.fl.us/geology/


Color Land form Atlas of the USA Includes satellite information for states and counties, 1895 state maps, and tracking of immature eagles.

Atlapedia Online contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.


International Press | United Nations Environment Programme | Further Research | Facts | Maps & Atlases | photographs | Museums

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Foreign News: International media

Asia, India, Canada, Africa, Europe, Manchester, London, France,

world satellite view


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A compendium of Asian and International stories is at: http://www.hongkongdaily.com/

More Asian stories are at:



Asia, Asia Minor & the "Middle East"





Online edition of India's National Newspaper



Maghreb Arabe Presse

"La nouvelle est sacrée, le commentaire est libre."

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Europe; The United Kingdom:

Times of London


The Manchester Guardian: Claims that it is "The UK's most popular
newspaper web site."


Europe; France:




Canada The Toronto Star



International Press | United Nations Environment Programme | Further Research | Facts | Maps & Atlases | Museums

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World Population


Our Planet Magazine: world

Our Planet is UNEP’s magazine for environmentally sustainable development.
Each issue of Our Planet concentrates on one specific theme, tying into international conferences (the 10th anniversary of the Basel Convention), meetings (the Commission on Sustainable Development), events (World Environment Day), or dealing with issues of our time (Water or Climate Change).

Our Planet contains articles by leaders of United Nations organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, experts, business leaders and opinion formers.

Our Planet reports on international developments and action. It reviews current thinking, suggests solutions, and debates the key issues of global ecological and policy concern.

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The Tate Modern Gallery, London



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