William Greider, Chapter Seven: Come Home, America


Second Thoughts


US affluent teenagers dependent on exploited foreign teenage workers


"International labor rights are central to reforming the global system."


"Cheaper prices can destroy innocent lives, quite literally."



". . . reforms to defend justice in the global system."


"If the wage incomes keep sloping downward, thanks to the race to the bottom, who in the world will have the wherewithal to buy all this stuff?"


"a more patient version of progress."


"building a global floor for wage levels."


following the policies EU pursued with respect to poorer EU nations to close the gap.


"to promote the convergence of Eurpes rich and poor economies."


Plausible reforms are difficult but possible, once leading nations agree that they must alter the world’s direction . . . . Now, however, if the United States is to e trusted, it first has to let go of the world.”






May 05, 2009


William Greider: "Come Home, America: The Rise and Fall (and Redeeming Promise) of Our Country"


The Nations National Affairs correspondent William Greider on the roots of the economic crisis, how U.S. militarism is making the country less safe, Wall Streets inflated power, the role of the Federal Reserve and the future of health care reform. My belief is, and I feel it strongly, is that we are just at the beginning of a really long, hard passage in which Americans, like it or not, have to adjust to these new realities, says Greider.




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