The iron or cozy triangulation of interests who make policy

Who makes and assures that laws and legislation are interpreted and applied fairly?

Energy subsidies

Iron Triangle

Power is the capacity to shape action through authority, persuasion, or force.


An example of power.


Carlyle was ranked as the third largest private equity firm in the world.

Among the most notorious examples of the power of triangulated interests was the Atomic Energy Commission's influence from 1946 until 1977 in Congress and the electrical generating industry.

Energy subsidies

Sites of atomic power plants throughout the lower forty-eight states.


Atomic Energy Commission

Joint Committee on Atomic Energy

Utility industry & nuclear power advocates

Constituency Protest


Dr. Linus Pauling, a chemist who protested the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons, 1963.



Organized protest at United Nation's Climate Change Negotiations in Bonn, Germany, 2000.


Constituency groups

Non Governmental Organizations or NGOs

National Urban League


American Civil Liberties Union

Congress of Racial Equality

National Religious Partnership for the Environment

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

National Association of Home builders

Union of Concerned Scientists

Isaac Walton League

Planned Parenthood


Green roofs

Green Roof in Europenew

Green Buildings


Habitat for Humanity

Solar Energy Industries Association SEIA


Population Connection

solar exposure

Bush Administration, Robert F. Kennedy's critique of

Compass and the Gyroscope, Kai Lee

Culture and Imperialism, Eric Said, defines culture

Carter, President's comments on the Nobel Peace Prize

Crimes Against Nature, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The Open Space of Democracy, Terry Tempest Williams


Government agencies that have an environmental regulatory, scientific research, or a biological monitoring role to play are listed here at Government on the web guide.

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