Media's role in advocating Social, Commercial, & Environmental Reforms.


"Don't Sink the World– Stop Climate Change" reads a sign of protesters in Bonn, Germany, 2001.


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Environmental literacy page

What are a moral politics?

Companion index to environmental justice related pages.

Ecological terms and

Vocabulary to know well

  1. Advocacy, What is it?
  2. Proposing Rational Reforms based on information
  3. Message; messaging, staying on point
    1. Example of a redrafted message
    2. Real News
  4. The role of documentary film as a means of reform / protest
  5. Case Study: Belgian Congo, 1890s – Adam Hochschild, King Leopold's Ghost.

Depth before pitch

Depth refers to the substance of your message and that comes before you inform people (audiences).

Pitch is what you say based on what you want people to do after you inform them.

Substance | Arguments | Messages

Sources to review and use in essays:

David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson, Film Art: An Introduction.

David Orr, Ecological Literacy. SUNY Press, 1992.

Ross Gelbspan, The Heat is On, 1997 and Boiling Point, 2004. Media critic over climate change denial & disinformation.

Access to Foreign Press.

Carol Browner as outgoing EPA Chief, Notes on her National Press Club speech of October 3, 2000.

George Lakoff, on framing an argument to further the public discourse.

George Lakoff, The Political Mind

A warning about media's actual influence, by Neil Postman

What America could do, by William Greider.

How sentimentality distracts our better judgment based on reason, by Susan Sontag.

Global Ecology problems in the world


Geopolitics in a Changing World

Advertizing or ads

Uncertainty in ecological science, the role of–by J. V. Siry

Film as a form of media | Film as technology | Basic science | Solar technology

Social science subject index for this site

Scientific American--

A new approach to conservation is necessary today!

Conservation for the people.

Clean up costs.

What is science?

Is the Environment an asset?

What is an asset?

Global commons



Bowers, Mindful Conservatism: contents

rectifying our use of political language

vocabulary of key political terms: liberal vs. conservative

SPIN and SPIN-works

Considerations for talking points, position paper and message

Endangered Species Act, meaning

William Greider, Come Home America.

Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death.

Susan Sontag, Regarding the Pain of Others.

Precautionary Principle, explained.

Solutions to ecological, human and social problems.

Health and the environment, background.

Environmental health as a critical focus.


What media is and can do

Media as an investigative conscience for the community. Advocacy, Media & Community.

Media, six steps to include in all position papers.

Talking Points based on an example of principles (you want to leave these with people you meet with.).

What is spin?

Opening paragraph of a position paper, an example.

Web page as an example of advocacy.

research guide


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